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Puerto Rico Waterparks

Waterparks are an enjoyable way to keep cool on a tropical island. Puerto Rico has a number of water parks to choose from, ranging from those for infants and small kids, to larger parks for bigger kids of all ages. Many of them are only open during the summer months (meaning mid-May to mid-August), but a handful are open year-round.

Here is a quick list of waterparks, and information to help you plan your waterpark fun. Prices, dates, and hours may change, so call ahead for current info before heading out.

Parks for All Ages
Open Year-round

Surf N Fun Waterpark in San German

Opened 7/15, A large water park with water slides, lazy river tubes, pools, wave pool, bumper boats, boogie rider and more. Plus beach volley ball, rock wall etc. and snack bars and shops. Just off RT 2 at Km 174.

Admission: $19.95 for adults, kids 3-12 $15.95 plus IVU (sales tax) and kids 2 and under free. Parking is free (available in multiple areas with trolley service between).

Open Mon- Fri 10am -6pm, Sat and Sun 10am- 7pm in high season (summer) and on Weekends Fri-Sun rest of year..

Call (787)659-7440 for more info. Or check out their Facebook page.

Parks for Infants & small children (Under 12)
Open Year-round

Aqua Sol Carolina at the Carolina Balneario

Puerto Rico Waterparks

A large water area, with a maximum depth of 8 inches, small slides, interactive water games, sprayers, and fountains. Everything a little kid could want. They have 1-hour sessions throughout the day with a max of 200 people per session.

Admission: $3/kid/hour up to 12 years old, $2/person/hour over 12 years old (must be accompanied by a kid under 12).

Open 9am to 5pm. Open all year Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. High season- from May 15th- August 31st, open Tuesdays – Sundays.

Call (787)791-2410 or (787)633-3457 for more info. Or check out their Informational page.

Aqua Sol Carolina at Parque Julia de Burgos

Similar to the waterpark above, but smaller, and not at the beach. They have 1-hour sessions throughout the day with a max of 75 people per session.

Admission: $2/kid/hour up to 12 years old, $1/person/hour over 12 years old (must be accompanied by a kid under 12).

Open weekends and holidays year-round 9am to 5pm. Open Tuesday through Sunday 9am to 5pm from May 15 to August 31.

Call (787)701-5152 or (787)701-5156 for more info.

Coamo Aquaventura

Small water park for little kids.

Admission: $3/kid (12 and under), $5 for anyone older than 12yo..

Open weekends (Fri-Sun) and holidays year-round 10am to 6pm.

Call (787) 424-5500 for more info. Or check their Facebook page.

Other towns have been opening these small water parks for the kids lately. Watch for Fajardo’s opening one (by Seven Seas Beach)

Parks for Infants & small children (Under 12)
Open Summer Only

Parque Acuático Infantil Punta Santiago at the Punta Santiago Balneario

Puerto Rico Waterparks

Located on Route 3, KM 72.4 in Humacao

Admission: $5/kid 3 to 12 years old, $4/person over 12 years old.

Open Wednesday through Sunday 8:30am to 4:30pm from May 16 through August 9.

Call (787)852-1660 or (787)285-7069 for more info.

Parks for All Ages, Open Summer Only

Las Cascadas Waterpark in Aguadilla

Las Cascadas is the largest waterpark on the island. Be sure to take a look at our review of Las Cascadas for more details.

Located on Route 2 KM 126.5 in Aguadilla.

Admission: $22.95/kid under 12 years old, $24.95/person over 12 years old.

Supposedly open 9am to 5pm every day from Late May to Mid August. Open weekends only in shoulder months from mid-Feb- Mid/late May and from mid August until mid Sept. Call for exact days and hours.

Call (787)819-0950 or (787)819-1030 for more info.

Olimpia / Ola Marina Salinas / Albergue Olimpico de Puerto Rico

Offers waterpark fun (pools,slides, fountains) plus mini golf, gardens, and rock wall for climbing.

2016 Admission: $16.99/person (2 years – 59 years) plus tax for full day pass. Seniors and handicapped persons get half price. And you can buy tickets online if you want!

Open 9am to 5pm. Weekends only starting in late May (21st) and then 7 days a week in June and July.

Call 787-824-2200 extension 267, 291 or 211, or 800-981-2210 for more info.

Visit the Albergue Olimpico web site for more info. Located on RT 712, Km. 0.3, Salinas

Moisty Park in Caguas

As of 2/13 This park is no longer open.

El Tuque Speed & Splash in Ponce

You can see this park from Route 2 in Ponce, but it is no longer open.

Monte Frio in Bayamon

This small local park with some water features- including a baby swimming pool, a larger pool of 3-5ft deep and a pool with some waterslides.

Admission: $7/person (3 years and up) for full day pass.

Open Tuesday – Friday 9am-4pm, Sat -Sun 10am – 5pm during summer months, rest of year open Sat and Sun 10am- 5pm only.

Call 787-740-4005 for more info.

Visit the Monte Frio Facebook page for more info.

Waterparks & Slides at Resorts

Many of the larger resorts have a water slide in their pools. El Conquistador has a real waterpark available for an extra fee for their guests only. Mayaguez Resort’s waterpark is open to the public.

Riverpool Village at Mayaguez Resort and Casino

A smallish waterpark with pools and waterslides, waterfall and a jacuzzi.

Admission: Full day pass $40/person plus IVU (they sometimes have special rates on their Facebook page).

Open everyday 10am- 6pm.

Call 787-832-3030 ext 015 for more info.

Visit the Mayaguez Resort web site for more info.

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I don't see that discount on their rates page. Reduced rate for kids and seniors.

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Parque acuático de san Germán. Ofertas y descuentos para familia de 5 o más

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