Executive Order EO-2021-075 (updated 15 Nov 2021)
📄 EO-2021-075 was issued on 15 Nov 2021, and is effective immediately
😷 Masks covering mouth & nose are required for everyone, regardless of vaccination status, in public, indoor spaces, and outdoor spaces where there are 50 or more people.
🆔 The requirement to show proof of vaccination, or negative test results for lodging, restaurants, etc (as detailed below) will apply to kids aged 5 to 11 years beginning 15 January 2022.
🏟️ All attendees at large events must show proof of vaccination. If the event venue chooses to admit people who are not fully vaccinated (but show a negative test result instead), then the capacity of the venue will be limited to 50%. Kids aged 5 to 11 must provide negative test results (until 01 Feb 2022, at which point they will need to be vaccinated).
Current COVID-19 Mandates, with no end date (updated 15 Nov 2021)
😷 Masks covering mouth & nose are required for everyone, regardless of vaccination status, in public, indoor spaces, and outdoor spaces where there are 50 or more people.
🏨 In order to check-in to any lodging facility (short-term rentals, AirBNB, hotels, resorts, etc), all members of your party are required to show either (a) vaccination card showing that you are "fully vaccinated", (b) negative test results of test administered no more than 72 hours prior to your arrival, or (c) evidence of positive test in last 3 months along with documentation proving your recovery. This applies to all people 2 (two) years old and older. If you are unvaccinated and staying more than a week, you are required to show new negative test results weekly. Effective 16 Aug 2021, per executive order EO-2021-062.
🍔 In order to be admitted to a bunch of different places (restaurants, bars, theaters, tours, excursions, casinos, etc) you are required to show either (a) vaccination card showing that you are "fully vaccinated", (b) negative test results of test administered no more than 72 hours prior to your arrival, or (c) evidence of positive test in last 3 months along with documentation proving your recovery. Other types of businesses may, at their option, require this documentation to access their facility. This applies to all people 12 (twelve) years old and older. Effective 23 Aug 2021, per executive order EO-2021-063.
✈️ All domestic travelers arriving in Puerto Rico are are required to show either (a) vaccination card showing that you are "fully vaccinated", (b) Vacu-ID issued by the Government of Puerto Rico in the CESCO app on your mobile device, (c) negative test results of test administered no more than 72 hours prior to your arrival, or (d) evidence of positive test in last 3 months along with documentation proving your recovery. This applies to all people 2 (two) years old and older.If you are un-vaccinated and do not have negative results when you arrive to PR, you have 48 hours to produce those results. Otherwise you will be fined $300 per person. See the PR Government Travel Safe site for details, and to submit your contact tracing information

Catch the Ferry from Ceiba to Culebra or Vieques

Update- 10/21 : Tourists/Visitors can take the designated PASSENGER ferry to/from Culebra and Vieques. They are designating a limited number of tickets for visitors, so they sell out QUICKLY! TOURISTS SHOULD BUY TICKETS ON THE ferry APP or ONLINE. Check their https://www.puertoricoferry.com page for more info .

There may be a few available at the ticket window at the dock, but not always. You can try buying them at window day of sailing…you may get lucky! All other ferries are for locals. No tourists on Cargo ferries. Small island locals will have priority over any other people visiting. ALL ITINERARIES AND RULES (like tourists being allowed to travel) ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Always Check the the ferry itinerary page for the current schedule. It changes almost daily.

You can download the APP to buy tickets and check the ferry schedule. Their APP is called “City Experiences” by Hornblower. Go to their page on your phone and click “download the app”.

If they have any available tickets to be bought, ahead of time, you need to go to the ferry ticket page and/or download their APP. The web page and the APP are in English and Spanish and explains everything! Make sure you prepay for your “stuff” (chairs, coolers etc) at the same time or else you will need to stand in line at ticket window for these items. Note, usually only 20% of the tickets will be sold ahead of time, so if it says “sold out”, they are sold out online. There might be some available at the dock for sale..

Starting October 2018, all ferries will be operating out of the new ferry terminal in Ceiba. (No longer in Fajardo). There is also a contract with Puerto Rico Fast Ferries, who will operate their ships. These faster, modern ferries, coupled with the shorter route between Ceiba and Culebra/Vieques, will reduce the travel time needed to make the crossing.

Ceiba Ferry

The Ferries

The new ferries will be operated by HMS, under contract to the Puerto Rico Maritime Transportation Authority (MTA). They also have some cargo ferries and and the PR ATM will have some ferries in use when needed. Note- there are fewer seats available for passengers than we had with the ATM run ferries, so there may not be room for everyone that wants to use them.

The PR ATM will still be in charge of the operations (ticket sales, schedules etc). They may also be using their boats when needed. .

Ceiba Ferry

The Ferry Terminal

The terminal building and parking lot are located on Marina Drive in the old Roosevelt Roads Naval Base.

Ticket windows are located on the outside wall, waiting room for 400 people, still there are only portable toilets (some nice ones too) for bathrooms, but there is a concession stand for snacks/drinks (and one bathroom) are inside.

Passenger Ferry Schedule

For reasons I can’t figure out, the ferry schedule changes often (sometimes every day…due to weather, holidays, maintenance, break downs, someone’s whim…who knows why etc). Please check the official ferry page for the daily itinerary.

The passenger ferry for Ceiba is (as of 11/1/21)…

  • Ceiba to Culebra
    ( M-F) 6:00am • 9:00am • 1:00 pm • 4:00pm
  • Ceiba to Culebra
    (Sat/Sun) 6:00am •9:00am, •1:00pm •4:00pm
  • Culebra to Ceiba
    ( M-F)7:00am • 11:00am • 2:30pm • 5:30 pm
  • Culebra to Ceiba
    ( Sat/Sun) 7:00am, • 11:00am, • 2:30pm • 5:30pm
  • .

  • Ceiba to Vieques (Isabel Segunda)
    (M- F) 5am • 9:00 am • 1pm • 5:00p • 7pm
  • Ceiba to Vieques
    (Sat/Sun) 4am • 9 am • 1pm • 5pm.
  • Vieques to Ceiba
    ( M- F) 6am • 11 am • 3pm • 6p • 8pm
  • Vieques to Ceiba
    (Sat/Sun)6:30am •11 am • 3pm, • 6:30pm
  • .

  • Check the https://twitter.com/TranspMaritimo site for current schedule.

The Cargo ferries current schedule.NOTE- This is a liquid schedule…it seems to change everyday! Check daily on the official site for official times for that day. :

    This is the posted schedule 11/1/2021: NOTE- This is subject to change! Check daily on the official https://twitter.com/TranspMaritimo Twitter site for official times for that day.

  • Ceiba to Culebra
    (M-F,) 3:30 am ,• 10:00am • 5:30pm
  • Ceiba to Culebra
    (Sat/Sun) 4:00 am • 10:00 am • 3:30 pm
  • Culebra to Ceiba
    (M-F) 6:00am • 1:00pm • 7:30pm
  • Culebra to Ceiba
    (Sat/Sun) 6:30am • 1:00 pm • 5:30pm
  • .

  • Ceiba to Vieques
    (M-F) 4:30am (only cargo), •6:30 am • 1:00pm •4:30 pm ( only cargo) •5:00 pm
  • Ceiba to Vieques
    (Sat/Sun) , 5:00am • 9:00am • 1:00pm, • 5:00pm
  • Vieques to Ceiba
    (M-F) •7 am (cargo only) •8 am• 10am &bull3:00 pm •6:30 pm • 7:00pm (cargo only)
  • Vieques to Ceiba
    (Sat/Sun) 6:30am, • 11am • 3:00pm, • 6:30pm

Check our cargo ferry articles for other info about the the cargo ferry.

The crossing with the new HMS ferries from Ceiba to Culebra should take about 45 minutes on the passenger ferries, while the crossing from Ceiba to Vieques should take about 30 minutes on the new passenger ferry. The ATM cargo ferries will take a little longer- about 45 mins to Vieques and about 1.5 hrs for Culebra. For now, the Vieques route will be to Isabel Segunda/Town pier (some time in the future, they will be using the Mosquito Pier) and Dewey in Culebra.

Can I Take My Rental Car to Culebra or Vieques?

Normally, The short answer is “it is really not a feasible option”. AT this time (10/21), the answer is NO- only residents of the small islands can use the cargo ferries.

There are two types of ferries that run between Ceiba/Culebra and Ceiba/Vieques — passenger ferries and cargo ferries. The passenger ferries carry passengers only — no cars. The cargo ferries carry both passengers and cargo (including cars). But, before you get all excited and think that you are going to save a couple bucks by taking your rental car over to Culebra or Vieques — think again. The cargo ferries are not intended for tourists. There is limited room that locals need for transportation and supplies. Your reservation may be bumped by a cargo truck that needs the spot. Or if there is a problem with the ferry, you may be stranded for hours or even days. They do not provide reliable tourist transport and the car rental agencies won’t be able to help if you have car trouble if you take the rental cars off of the main island of Puerto Rico.

Tourists Buying Tickets for a Passenger to Culebra MUST be done online at PRFERRY

For now, ticket prices are the same for everyone (locals and tourists)

A one-way ticket to Culebra costs $2.50 per person. A one-way ticket to Vieques costs $2.00 per person. . Kids 3-11 years old and seniors 60-74 years old cost $1.00 per person, seniors 75 years and older are free. There is a service charge when buying tickets online.

Ticket sales are still being handled by the PR MTA. Purchasing tickets can be done, online at the ferry ticket page, Small Island locals can still buy tickets in person, at the ferry terminal ticket window. Ticket window opens 1 hr before each scheduled trip. Only 20% of the tickets are sold online, so if it sells “sold out”, there are 80% of the tickets available in person. Most of these are for residents only, but they may have some available for tourists. Don’t forget to pay for your “stuff” (chairs, tents, coolers etc), or they will send you to the ticket window line to pay for them before allowing you to board.

For more info on routes and times and other ferry related things, you can try to call 787-497-7740 .

Ceiba Ferry

Directions to the Ceiba Ferry Terminal from the San Juan Area

The Ceiba ferry Terminal, as well as the Ceiba Airport, is located in the old Roosevelt Roads Naval Base in Ceiba. If you already know where the Ceiba Airport is, then finding the Ceiba Ferry Terminal will be easy for you.

Drive-time from the San Juan (SJU) Airport to the Ceiba Ferry Terminal is about 75-90 minutes.

If traveling to the ferry terminal from the San Juan area, you’ll want to take Route 26 east to Route 66 east to Route 3 east (toward Fajardo). Route 66 ends on Route 3 in Río Grande, so you’re taking Route 66 to the end. Note that Route 66 is a toll road, and an AutoExpreso transponder is required for the tolls.

Continue east on Route 3 toward Fajardo. Once in the Fajardo area, Route 3 becomes Route 53. Once you’re on Route 53, you’ll want to take Exit 2 at KM 1.4 (which is before the first toll booth). This is the exit for the Puerto del Rey Marina and the Ceiba Airport. At the end of the exit ramp, turn left under Route 53, then continue straight. This will put you back on Route 3 heading south. Then, really all you need to do is follow the signs for the Puerto del Rey Marina and the Ceiba Airport. Continue on Route 3 past the Puerto del Rey Marina on your left.

You’ll continue on Route 3 to KM 52.4, where you’ll turn left onto Tarawa Drive. Landmarks here include a solar farm on the right, and the “Bienvenidos Ceiba” sign in the photo above. Continue straight on Tarawa Drive until you arrive at the guardhouse at the entrance to the naval base. If there is a guard, just tell them that you are going to the ferry.

Once through the gate, follow the brown “Ferry” signs — At the first V, you’ll go left onto Forrestal Drive. At the second V, you’ll follow the road as it curves to the left. At the third V, go right. Then, finally, turn left onto Marina Drive. Continue on Marina Drive until you come to the parking area and blue DTOP ATM building on your right.

There is a large parking lot further down the road from the ferry terminal that will provide transportation to the ferry in a van. They charge $8 per 24 hr. I suggest you do not park on the side of the road, they do give out parking tickets.

Ceiba Ferry

Other Info

You can bring coolers, beach chairs, beach umbrellas, snorkel gear, etc. with you. The coolers and large things will be stored away from the seating areas — usually outside and/or in the front or the back of the boat — the crew will tell you where to put the items, and you have to go pick it up on the way off the ferry. There is a charge if you have extra stuff, just a buck or two each – supposedly only “one bag” per person allowed. Tell them what you are bringing at the ticket window, or you will have to run back and pay the additional fee before they allow you on the ferry. Animals are allowed on the ferry if they are in a crate or cage and you have paid the fee for them. Bikes are only allowed on the cargo ferry.

The trip over can be a little rough. Sea sickness bags are available on-board. If you are prone to motion sickness, take sea sickness medicine at least one hour before boarding the ferry so that is ready to work when you need it. Sometimes the seas are flat, and sometimes they’re not. I find the westbound trip back from Culebra/Vieques to be less rough than the eastbound trip to the islands.

You can refer to the Departamento de Transportación y Obras Públicas Facebook page for more information or to get answers to your questions (they do respond to messages sent through there).

We are in the process of updating the maps we use on our web site. While we're working on that, you can click on the GPS coordinates below to view the location on Google Maps ...

PuertoRicoDayTrips.com assumes no responsibility regarding your safety when participating in the activities described in this article. Please use common sense! If your mother or that little voice in your head tells you that you are about to do something stupid … then don't do it! Read more about Safety →

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There are 224 comments on this article.

No. The ferry is not requiring proof.

Comment by Gwenn on 07 Oct 2021

I was wondering if I need a negative test even though I am vaccinated to ride the ferry. Have tickets for Oct 7th.

Comment by Sandra Swan on 02 Oct 2021

The ferry port is in town. You can get a guagua bus to the beaches. The drivers wait at the dock when the ferry comes in and you ask them.

Comment by Gwenn on 18 Jul 2021

I would like to know where is the drop off is for Culebra. I am trying to get to Flamenco Beach but any beach for a family beach day

Comment by Melissa Santana on 13 Jul 2021

you will have to wait and keep checking the www.puertoricoferry.com web page for when they start selling them. right now, they were only selling them for the next week. try looking on Monday.

Comment by Gwenn on 01 Jul 2021

Hola Estoy planeando ir a Culebra el 27 de julio. Como puedo comprar el boleto? Sera para 4 personas adultas.

Comment by Jackeline Rivera on 01 Jul 2021

I heard that that trip will only be for residents of the small islands. I don't know if/when they will sell them online.

Comment by Gwenn on 30 Jun 2021

Do you know if the ferry will start selling tickets between Vieques and Culebra? As of today, I don't see any available.

Comment by Avona on 28 Jun 2021

You can try at the ticket window in Culebra when you arrive there. Of course, there is no guarantee there will be any available, but there should be. I am not sure if they will sell them to you when you arrive in am, or if you will have to do it 30 mins before departure. I would try in the morning.

Comment by Gwenn on 28 Jun 2021

How can I purchase tickets from Culebra to Ceiba. I have the tickets going to culebra but not the return tickets. The time slot they have available to return in 1:30 and that is too soon to return to Ceiba.

Comment by stephanie rodriguez on 28 Jun 2021

they say they don't sell them until like 30 mins before trip, but you will not be the only one trying for the tickets. I would get online at least 1 hr before.

Comment by Gwenn on 23 Jun 2021


Comment by Gwenn on 23 Jun 2021

Trying to go to culebra 6/24 or 6/25 can’t find tickets wi will try luck at dock anyone recommend what time I should be there and also I am o my going for the day can I buy round trip at port?

Comment by Cindy on 23 Jun 2021

Is there a way to book overnight parking in advance? I can’t find it on porferry

Comment by Cooper on 22 Jun 2021

If they are unavailable online, you will need to try your luck at the dock, about 45 mins before the trip. No other way, don't bother calling.

Comment by Gwenn on 20 Jun 2021

Hi, ferry ticket from Ceiba to Culebra on July 7th 2021 shows it's available, but i can't add it to the cart. I need 2. What is the best course of action here? Can i call the reservation number to purchase the tickets?

Comment by Gregory Kim on 16 Jun 2021

I assume they will become available on Monday 6/7, when the new executive order starts. The EO only goes until July 4, so it is possible that may be all they sell for now until next EO.

Comment by Gwenn on 05 Jun 2021

Hi, when will ferry tickets for Culebra and Vieques from Ceiba for first week of July become available on the porferry website? As of now, I see dates open until June 20. Will I be able to secure tickets online for July? I'm traveling to PR in the last week on June and have planned to visit Vieques and Culebra in the first week of July.

Comment by Ravi Vimal on 03 Jun 2021

call your Airbnb and see what they say. Some people are able to get tickets to the ferry at the dock, others no. Or you can fly over.

Comment by Gwenn on 09 May 2021

We have an AirBnB rented for an overnight stay. We can no longer by tickets online. Is there anything that you recomend or should we cancel our AirBnB.

Comment by Sharon Vigil on 09 May 2021

No, Vieques is part of Puerto Rico. Once in PR, you can travel to the towns freely.

Comment by Gwenn on 08 May 2021

Ok, so I booked my ferry tickets to go to Vieques which is within my 72 hour Covid Test of landing in Puerto Rico. To come back though I will be outside of the 72 hour limit. Do I need a negative Covid Test to return to Puerto Rico from Vieques? I can't seem to find that answer anywhere.

Comment by NEVA on 08 May 2021

At this time, it is really unclear. The mayor of Vieques wanted tourists coming on ferry to have a new test, but I hear no one at the ferry is checking. If I hear more specific info, we will update info.

Comment by Gwenn on 19 Mar 2021

Do we have to have the covid test taken 72hr prior the ferry ride also even if we take the test 72hrs prior to arriving in PR? Or can we use the code we’re given to be cleared?

Comment by Zana Wilmot on 18 Mar 2021

It is the ferry- it is horrible. They will update it when they feel like it. We just got a new Executive Order, so I bet they will update it soon.

Comment by Gwenn on 12 Mar 2021

So, today is March 10 and porferry.com has not opened bookings past March 14. I've been checking every day, and it's been stuck on March 14 for more than a week. It used to have two weeks of appointments. Have they stopped taking online reservations? Seems like something is wrong.

Comment by Matt on 11 Mar 2021

buy 5 for 1 name and 1 for another.

Comment by Gwenn on 03 Mar 2021

I need 6 tickets (2 parents and 4 kids) but the ticket page only appears to allow the purchase of 5 tickets. Is it possible to get 6 tickets?

Comment by Matt on 02 Mar 2021

no one knows...depends when porferry updates. But IF they update if soon, and you can get tickets (which will be VERY limited) , you will need a neg covid test.

Comment by Gwenn on 28 Feb 2021

Hello, Can someone please advise when =tickets to Vieques will be available for purchase for days March 5th 2021?

Comment by Sowmya on 28 Feb 2021

they are offering only a very limited number of tickets for tourists. It is possible they haven't yet been released for sale OR they are already sold out. If there are none available online, there is no way to get them.

Comment by Gwenn on 24 Feb 2021

I’ve been trying to buy tickets to culebra for past 3 weeks for any day for the week of March 4 to 6 2021 and they are blocked ? Any chance of getting openings ? Thank you

Comment by Ileana on 24 Feb 2021

Right now, it is still just for residents. But the new Executive Order comes out March 6 or 7, so things may open up more then.

Comment by Gwenn on 22 Feb 2021

Can someone tell me if visitors can go to Vieques? Or is it still just for residents?

Comment by jhoanna on 22 Feb 2021

As far as I know, they are only selling them online. AT least that was confirmed 2 weeks ago. You can try flying. With 7 people you may be able to charter a flight.

Comment by Gwenn on 08 Feb 2021

Are tourists still unable to buy tickets in person. The online tickets are unavailable all week and we really want to go! There are 7 of us so paying for a personal boat is too expensive.

Comment by Andyjn on 08 Feb 2021

We got the new Exec Orders today, and nothing specifically changed for the ferry that we heard. So they should probably update that web page soon. They were probably just waiting to see what the governor did. They may have to reduce the number of people allowed on each ferry, but they should still be selling them.

Comment by Gwenn on 13 Nov 2020

The PORFERRY website doesn't show anything past the 15th. Does anyone know if they are still running for visitors?

Comment by AC on 12 Nov 2020

As of today, the ferries are only for residents of Culebra/Vieques. We are awaiting an new executive order this weekend, but I doubt this will change. You can fly over. I would suggest you contact the place you will be staying for more info, they might know something more than us.

Comment by Gwenn on 29 Sep 2020

I have an upcoming trip to VQS and I'm a non-resident to PR or surrounding islands. Will I be allowed on the ferry as of today or are there any restrictions? Also, does the ferry service run on the weekends? If yes, what time is the last ferry?

Comment by James Bond on 28 Sep 2020

I don't know, usually a license or something with your name and address on it. You might want to ask them at the ticket window a few days before traveling what they would accept, to make sure you can travel.

Comment by Gwenn on 01 Aug 2020

What type of proof do they ask for to make sure you are a resident of culebra or Vieques? Would an airbnb address/ reservation work? I’ve been living in it for a few months.

Comment by Andrea on 31 Jul 2020

currently (until at least Aug 15) , the ferry system is only for the residents of the small islands. But the itinerary will be on https://porferry.com/itinerary

Comment by Gwenn on 29 Jul 2020

what time is the ferry schedule to vieques from cieba to vieques and back

Comment by joe spatola on 29 Jul 2020

No, it is back to only residents of the small islands due to a surge in COVID cases. Next Executive order is due sometime during last week of July...but numbers are still going up, so it is doubtful that will change.

Comment by Gwenn on 19 Jul 2020

Is the ferry back up and running for tourist yet? traveling July30-Aug4

Comment by Gabriela on 17 Jul 2020

As of 6/17/2020 ferry is not permitting non resident tourists.

Comment by Maritza hernandez on 17 Jun 2020


Comment by Gwenn on 09 Feb 2020

Is there wheel chair accessibility?

Comment by Nancy Schuyler on 09 Feb 2020

yes, as long as there is no weather issue, the ferries run everyday, 365

Comment by Gwenn on 23 Nov 2019

Is the ferry running on Three Kings Day?

Comment by Kate Sederstrom on 21 Nov 2019

luggage is put in a storage area. Hand bags can be kept with you. There isn't room by the seats for luggage.

Comment by Gwenn on 22 Aug 2019

For anyone who has taken luggage to Culebra recently.... Is your luggage required to be stored outside on the deck or is it in your possession at all times? I don't mind buying a separate ticket for my one piece of luggage...but I want to be able to keep it with me on the ferry. Thanks for your input!

Comment by kim edillon on 21 Aug 2019

I was actually a part of the horror stories at the Fajardo terminal July of 2018. We left catano around 11 PM, made it in Fajardo by 12. Could not find a parking for the longest time. And waited in line until 3 am until they opened to sell tickets. The problem was that it was a holiday in PR so it was crazy! Nonetheless, once we made it to Culebra, and saw Flamenco Beach, we saw it was worth it!! Beautiful. I was born and raised in PR but left when I was 10. Going back in December with the hubby.

Comment by Marlene Millan-Riggsbee on 16 Aug 2019

each person is allowed one piece of luggage. You have to pay for everything else.

Comment by Gwenn on 12 Jul 2019

Do we have to pay extra or purchase a special ticket if we intend on taking luggage with us?

Comment by Mandela Shaw on 11 Jul 2019

We can not help, other than to say, good luck (we are not associated with the ferry at all). If you can't get your tickets online, you will have to buy them the day of departure at the window at the pier.

Comment by Gwenn on 09 Jul 2019

Hello. I’ve been trying to get in with the Ceiba port terminal. We need assistance with purchasing tickets online.

Comment by Jarilynn on 08 Jul 2019

yes, for items also both ways or they won't let you board.

Comment by Gwenn on 22 Jun 2019

We just purchased tickets for Culebra, I went ahead & purchased them for coming back as well... do we need to buy tickets for our items coming back, or just taking them to the island?

Comment by Terri Johnson on 22 Jun 2019

We were almost scared away from even going to Vieques because of the ferry horror stories we had read online, but our experience was quite the opposite. We arrived an hour early as suggested, and boarded the ferry we intended to catch without a problem. Everyone else waiting with us made it on the boat too. Same thing on the way back from Vieques. We arrived an hour early and they actually let us on an earlier cargo ferry so we got back to the mainland earlier than expected.

Comment by Maggie on 30 May 2019

This was the simplest thing in the world - I heard all of the crazy reviews so I got there super early planning to have to wait a few hours. I parked my car at 8:15, walked over to the window and had my ticket in hand at 8:20, and was on the 8:30 ferry to Vieques. Maybe I just got lucky? But this was quick, easy, well run, and for a two dollar ticket really couldn’t have been any better, unless someone handed me a Mojito when I got on the boat

Comment by Ryan Tamez on 30 May 2019

We purchased tickets online for 9 am. The website said to arrive 15 minutes early which we did. Then we were told to drive down the road to park our vehicle, where a transportation van would shuttle us back to the dock. We did as instructed and 15 minutes later the van arrived at 9:05 took us back to the dock where the port authorities informed us the boat had already departed. We asked if we could use our tickets we purchased online for the next ferry, as missing our first ride was out of our control, we were told no. We proceed to the ticket counter and had to purchase more tickets which were sold to us with a 10:00 a.m. departure time. At 10:30 we were informed that the next ferry for passengers would not arrive until 11:45. I asked why was I sold a ticket for 10:00 then. I was informed of I had a vehicle on the ferry then I could depart with my vehicle, if not I had to wait for the 11:45 Ferry. After further investigation, the parking lot we were instructed park in has no affiliation or coordination with the Ferry's or port. Although the port authority told us to drive down there and park. So now I've purchased 6 tickets to go out to culebra from the Ferrys and 6 to come back because of the 3 hour delay/wait time, due to misinformation. Next time and from anytime going forward, I will just charter a plane, it's more expensive but worth it not having to deal with this B.S.

Comment by Gerard Reheiser on 29 May 2019

yes, it has it's moments of suckage. This week has been really bad.

Comment by Gwenn on 16 May 2019

The ferry service sucks really bad 4 hours late. The worse.

Comment by Robert Burgos on 16 May 2019

They are having ferry issues again. But even if they weren't, only 20% of the tickets are sold on-line. After that, they are "sold out" . If it says sold out, it means you will have to go in person to the dock to buy your tickets.

Comment by Gwenn on 15 May 2019

When I try to book it, it says the event is sold out. How can I buy tickets? I am trying to go in a month.

Comment by Jess on 12 May 2019

It costs $5 per 24h period in the lot at the ferry. The lot opens at 5am and closes at about 10-11p I think. Don't park on the street- they give tickets that are a LOT more than $5.

Comment by Gwenn on 06 May 2019

Each person is allowed one bag free. I think others are $2-3 each. Online fees-I don't see something that says luggage...not sure how to pay for those. Maybe try contacting the ferry people.

Comment by Gwenn on 06 May 2019

Can you provide more information on parking at the ferry terminal, especially for several days?

Comment by J Silva on 06 May 2019

I can't find information regarding fees for suitcases. I'm sure there is one, but don't see it. Can I pay the fee online when I buy my ferry tickets?

Comment by J Silva on 06 May 2019

This is a trial run for on-line sales. Only until 4/22. They said they will decide to open more dates after they review. So , just hang on and keep checking site. When I see they have opened more dates, I will post it.

Comment by Gwenn on 21 Apr 2019

Hi, I see that this site now has a link to an external site to buy tickets online. When I go in there to buy a ticket it says that tickets are not “yet” available and I tried clicking on different dates and they all say the same message. I’m assuming there are tickets available since it doesn’t say that there are none left. However, I’m now beginning to think there is something wrong with the site. Is this online service (to buy tickets online) working now or is it still not working/available? Thanks!

Comment by Lita Silva on 21 Apr 2019

I believe it should be. I think there is a guard around there. Just don't leave anything of value in sight.

Comment by Gwenn on 04 Apr 2019

would it be safe to leave my rental car in the lot for 2 days?

Comment by Maria Stevens on 03 Apr 2019

That I do not know. I know the dump is there and there is a hill, but I don't recall anything really steep close to the beach. But I could be wrong...never really looked that close while there. Might have better luck asking on Trip Advisor?

Comment by Gwenn on 23 Mar 2019

Thanks for your prompt response Gwenn! I have a follow-up question in case you know the answer. I was looking at the satellite picture and wondering how easy or difficult it might be to walk from Carlos Rosario beach (where we plan to start our day) to Tamarindo beach by walking along the shore. It looks to be only a mile long walk, and a bit less if you can cut over the point of land between the beaches and it sort of looks like there might be a trail there going over. I'm assuming this walk would also be hot, but what I don't know is whether the rocky areas I see along the beach are too dangerous, or steep, or impassable in some way, which would force us to walk back to Flamenco and then down to Tamarindo instead (a 3 mile walk, unless we can hitch a ride). Any knowledge you can share would be welcome!

Comment by Tiffany Kreider on 23 Mar 2019

At the moment, only Big Cat and Schoodic Explorer are passenger ferries. The rest are cargo ferries. I don't think /don't know if there is an official Publico route. I know many go from the ferry terminal to Flamenco beach. It is possible to walk from one beach to the other, it is just hot. Maybe 20 min walk...maybe 30 mins top. You could ask the driver if he would drop you off at the end of the street of Tamarindo (by the dump) and save yourself about 10 mins.

Comment by Gwenn on 22 Mar 2019

Thank you for all the helpful info! First question: when looking at the facebook page for the current ferry times (https://www.facebook.com/groups/256688161171128/announcements/), I can't tell which ferries are cargo ones and which ones are passenger only. Can you give me a cheat sheet for the names of the ferries and which ones are which type? Second question - is there anywhere that publishes the Publico route on Culebra? I specifically would like to know if I can use the Publico to get close enough to walk to Tamarindo beach or if I'd need to use a taxi.

Comment by Tiffany Kreider on 22 Mar 2019

Be at the window 1 hr before seems to be the deal now. Of course, this is no guarantee, but that is what works now a days.

Comment by Gwenn on 14 Mar 2019

We are planning on visiting Culebra next week, what time should passengers arrive to secure seat for the 10:30/45 ferry?

Comment by MwH on 13 Mar 2019

Yes, I believe things for Culebra have normalized a bit. But you can watch the ferry watch group for daily ferry schedule changes.https://www.facebook.com/groups/256688161171128/announcements/

Comment by Gwenn on 13 Mar 2019

Are the ferries to Culebra back up and running after breaking down last week? Thanks!

Comment by Xiomary on 12 Mar 2019

I think you just go to the window with your ticket and they will change it.

Comment by Gwenn on 12 Mar 2019

Good morning, I need to switch my ticket to an earlier time but for the same day. What’s the process for modifying my ticket? Thanks!

Comment by Linda Tran on 12 Mar 2019

Well, it all changes so quickly. The passenger ferries are pretty regular. During week should be easier. Get there 1 hr before trip. I don't think you will have luck on the phone (it has never been easy). But usually not too much trouble getting on buying it day of trip. Of course, yesterday, the cargo ferries broke, so no cargo ferries running, so issues with trips right now. But for Culebra, things aren't bad right now. Fingers crossed, it stays that way.

Comment by Gwenn on 04 Mar 2019

During March, is it easier to do Culebra round trip from Ceiba on wknds? Or weekday? Also, are there options to purchase tickets over phone? Or must be done in person? If so, what time do you suggest to get at ticket window, 1-2hrs prior a scheduled trip? Any tips?

Comment by Christina Apostolidou on 03 Mar 2019

Supposedly there are Publicos that will go from SJ (Rio Piedras Publico station I assume) to the ferry terminal for $9. But I don't think there is a set schedule, so there is really no way of know when it will come/go or how long it will take. There is a sign posted at the ferry with the prices, but no phone number etc.

Comment by Gwenn on 03 Mar 2019

Does anybody know if there are publicos which takes you from San Juan to Ceiba? Do they take you to Ceiba city center or Ceiba Ferry terminal? How much do they cost? How much time does it need? Thank you very much!!! Ya so helpful

Comment by Martino Dilda on 02 Mar 2019

Taxi/Publico. But you would have to call for the taxi or know the routes of the publico. Try Uber, they may be around.

Comment by Gwenn on 02 Mar 2019

Hi! is there any way to get to the ferry terminal from Ceiba city center? I know Uber are not many in that area.

Comment by Martino Dilda on 28 Feb 2019

It is very difficult to use the cargo ferry- I don't think they are selling tickets in advance, but things change daily. But it is not recommended....so you get to the dock and wait and hope you can get on. This is on both ends. You may get the car over but be delayed hours or days to get back. May take take half a day or more to get on etc. Or it may work perfectly. But it is too stressful for 1 night and trying for 2 cars! People can go on the cargo ferry. I hear you may be able to purchase tickets ahead of time for the passenger ferry, going in person.

Comment by Gwenn on 27 Feb 2019

I live in Chicago and flying out to PR on April 10 with my family. My parents live in PR, we wanted to take 2 cars and 10 people to Culebra, rent a house and stay for one night. 1.) I heard of a cargo boat that can take vehicles, can i purchase tickets in advance online or phone? 2.) I know that tickets cannot be purchased online for ferry passenger, can i have my parents go and buy them in person in advance? 3.) Can passengers be on the same boat that the vehicles are riding? Thank you,

Comment by Andy De Gurabo on 26 Feb 2019

No, must go back to Ceiba to catch another one to the other island.

Comment by Gwenn on 21 Feb 2019

Is there any ferry i can take if i want to go to Culebra from Vieques??

Comment by boyun li on 19 Feb 2019

At this moment, the cargo ferry is messed up. So things might be tough. But I would try going on the 9:30a. For 1 night, it is cheaper to rent a car! Yes , the easiest/fastest way (RT 66) is a toll road, but you can go on local roads (rt 3) for free. For the toll road you need a pass.

Comment by Gwenn on 19 Feb 2019

Yes, there is parking at the ferry dock. $5/d plus tax.

Comment by Gwenn on 19 Feb 2019

The ferry and the airport at Ceiba are about 2 miles apart...probably more since you have to go all the way around the airport to get in. You can't reasonably walk. There should be a taxi available and you could try to call an Uber. Not sure if they are in that area.

Comment by Gwenn on 19 Feb 2019

My sister and i are going to PR in April and are staying on main island, but want to go to Vieques for at least a night. Does the Ceiba port offer overnight parking?

Comment by Gaby n on 17 Feb 2019

How far is the airport from the ferry place in ceiba. We are gonna fly over from ceiba but take ferry back. Is it possible to take an uber between places or walk

Comment by Jodu on 17 Feb 2019

My husband and I and another couple are coming to Puerto Rico on February 19th, staying in Condado for one night, and taking the ferry to Vieques on February 20th for four days. Will we have any problem getting on the 9:30 am ferry or should we just plan on the 2:15 ferry? Also, would you recommend getting a one way car rental from Avis and driving ourselves to the ferry or just taking a cab? Is it a toll road? If so, do we need a toll pass or can we pay cash? Thank you

Comment by Marina Brand on 14 Feb 2019

Technically there is, but it is via shared vans that have no set schedule. They come and go when they are full, and you have to pay based of how many people are on etc. You would have to get to the Rio Piedras terminal and then find the correct route. Could take half the day.

Comment by Gwenn on 13 Feb 2019

Are there any public transportation from San Juan to the ferry terminal? I don’t drive so I was wondering if taxis/ubers are the only options I have

Comment by Yujin Seol on 12 Feb 2019

it should....barring problems, weather etc. They say arrive 1 hr ahead of time.

Comment by Gwenn on 02 Feb 2019

We want to take the ferry from Ceiba to Vieques on Feb 5 and need to arrive by 5. Does the passenger ferry still depart at 2:30? How early do I need to get to the terminal?

Comment by Craig on 02 Feb 2019

1 hr before...so 5am.

Comment by Gwenn on 30 Jan 2019

Hola, planeo viajar a culebra el sabado 1 de febrero. Me gustaria embarcar en el primer ferry de las 6 am. Que hora recomiendan que debo estar ahi para conseguir tickets?

Comment by Madgalena on 30 Jan 2019

Stephen, I was able to purchase a round trip ticket. You gotta know which ferry you want to take bag. I don't think the seat is guaranteed but it beats waiting in line again.

Comment by Motty on 28 Jan 2019

There is NEVER a guarantee. But as long as there is a ferry running on usual schedule (not down a ferry) and weather is ok...you should have a seat. Sometimes they will sell tickets ahead of time...in person at the dock, or if you get lucky on the phone..... but that is not guaranteed either!

Comment by Gwenn on 27 Jan 2019

Is it possible to purchase ferry tickets from Ceiba-Vieques and return Vieques-Ceiba in advance, or online? If i have a ticket for a specific ferry am i guaranteed a place?

Comment by Stephen Terr on 27 Jan 2019

I am not sure. But the mid morning ferry to the islands is busy and the 5-6 pm is busy back to PR due to day trippers. It is only residents of the small islands that get preferential treatment. They use the am ferry to the mainland and the late afternoon ferry back to the little islands. Super early, super late or Mid day are probably the easiest times to get tickets.

Comment by Gwenn on 25 Jan 2019

I have heard that it is hard to get a ticket for non-resident of PR. So I am planning to avoid the peak time of residents. Which day is less crowded, Saturday or Sunday?

Comment by Jack on 25 Jan 2019

At this moment, it is all up in the air. But you are only allowed to buy 10 tickets at a time anyway. You have to buy it for the time of the ferry you want. Some people say they sometimes will sell tickets ahead of time, some people say no, only day of. Seems to depend on who is at the ticket window, or if you are super lucky and actually get a person to answer the phone.

Comment by Gwenn on 22 Jan 2019

Hi, when you buy tickets are you buying specifically for a certain ferry time? I am trying to get a group of 12 on a 10:30 am ferry in April during Holy week...and do I have to buy that day or can I buy (in person) earlier?

Comment by Aksh on 22 Jan 2019

one ferry was broken last week, so things got hairy with the holiday. Now it is fixed, so things are better. But, there is never a guarantee! I would try it.

Comment by Gwenn on 19 Jan 2019

How has the ferry been recently? I plan on taking 1pm ferry from.ceiba to vieques on Sunday January 27. I plan on getting there an hour early.

Comment by Matt on 19 Jan 2019

nope. You have to take on back to Ceiba and then over to the next island. Or you can see if there is a flight between islands. Not usually, but sometimes they have a charter or mail trip.

Comment by Gwenn on 16 Jan 2019

We are staying in Vieques in April. I had planned to take the ferry to Culebra but it appears that it doesn't make that trip? Are there smaller "ferries" that make the trip from Vieques to Culebra with passengers? Thanks!

Comment by Jenny Williams on 15 Jan 2019

I think yes 99% sure, but I can't 100% guarantee it.

Comment by Gwenn on 10 Jan 2019

Hi are there taxis at the ferry terminal that will take you to the airport in Ceiba? We plan on flying to Vieques and taking the ferry back and will have a car parked at the airport for 24 hours. Thank you, Melissa

Comment by Melissa Benidt on 10 Jan 2019

Schedule 7 of Jan, 2019 Embarcación Cayo Largp Ceiba a Culebra 4:00 am Culebra a Ceiba 6:00 am Embarcación Big Cat Ceiba a Culebra 6:00 am Culebra a Ceiba 7:15 am Embarcación Cayo Blanco Ceiba a Culebra 9:00 am Culebra a Ceiba 1:00 pm Embarcación Big Car Ceiba a Culebra 10:30 am Culebra a Ceiba 12:00 mediodía Embarcación Big Cat Ceiba a Culebra 3:00 pm Culebra a Ceiba 4:45 pm Embarcación Cayo Largo Ceiba a Culebra 5:00 pm Culebra a Ceiba 7:00 pm Embarcación Cayo Blanco Ceiba a Culebra 7:00 pm Culebra a Ceiba 8:30 pm Embarcación Cayo Largo Ceiba-Vieques - Culebra 12:00 medianoche and for Vieques:

Comment by Gwenn on 06 Jan 2019

I think there may still be a lot of people going because they are off from school still. But I think you may have a chance. I think they have 4 ferries working again. But I am not sure what will happen tomorrow or what schedule they will follow.

Comment by Gwenn on 06 Jan 2019

We want to catch a ferry in Ceiba tomorrow morning (January 7). Do you think we should expect more people than usual because it's the day after the holiday? How likely it is we will get in? Thanks!

Comment by Nicolas on 06 Jan 2019

I believe each person can buy a maximum of 10 tickets....or at least that used to be the rule. Now, I can't guarantee that is still the case. Better bring at least 2 people to make sure you can buy enough.Of course, they may not let you buy much on advance anyway....that is still in question.

Comment by Gwenn on 06 Jan 2019

Can one person buy 12 tickets? We are a large group visiting Culebra and would like to know if one of us can be there in advance to buy the 10:30am ferry tickets or if all of us should be there? Please advise.

Comment by Karen Peters on 05 Jan 2019

It is a nightmare right now- down ferries and lots of people. Schedule is changing daily. Many people left behind.

Comment by Gwenn on 03 Jan 2019

Información sobre los tickets de culebra y vieques

Comment by Reinaldo Gonzalez on 03 Jan 2019

At this time, I don't think they are selling advanced tickets. The ticket window opens 1 hr before scheduled trip.

Comment by Gwenn on 02 Jan 2019

they are not taking passenger reservations at this time. Even cargo reservations are iffy. May have to go in person.

Comment by Gwenn on 02 Jan 2019

Good luck trying to call no one picks up. Can any help me for reservations to Culebra or guide me in the right directions?

Comment by Manuel A Magalde on 02 Jan 2019

So you cannot buu the tickets in person a day in advance? You can only buy them for the actual day of travel? What are the opening hours of the ticket counter? Thanks

Comment by Jan Steno on 02 Jan 2019

As far as I know, one cargo ferry is still broken, so things are a little messed up. Schedule is not exactly as in article, as they are trying to complete trips short and work out the added volume of people. Residents of the small islands will get preference on tickets, you can only buy them the day of trip. Only way- just go early, stand in line and be flexible.

Comment by Gwenn on 01 Jan 2019

El ferry está funcionando? hay taquillas para el 3 de Enero? como las compro? AYUDA!

Comment by karolina on 01 Jan 2019

At the moment, 2 ferries are broken, so schedules are messed up. But by Jan 6th, who knows if things will be fixed. I think mid-day ferries should have availability.

Comment by Gwenn on 31 Dec 2018

Saludos! El ferry estara funcionando Enero 1? Y si va a estar corriendo, el horario va a ser el mismo o las salidas seran limitadas? Gracias!

Comment by Jordan on 30 Dec 2018

It is supposed to be running.

Comment by Ray on 29 Dec 2018

There is transportation readily available between the ferry terminal and Playa Flamenco. It costs a couple bucks each way.

Comment by Ray on 29 Dec 2018

You cannot buy ferry tickets online. You must purchase them in-person at the terminal ticket window.

Comment by Ray on 29 Dec 2018

The schedule, subject to change, is posted above in this article.

Comment by Ray on 29 Dec 2018


Comment by CLAUDIA on 28 Dec 2018

I’ve been calling the office but no response. So Ceiba has trips to culebra? If so, what are the schedule? Sunday is available? Please help

Comment by David Lopez on 28 Dec 2018

Customer service is awfull, employees are rude, they need to be trained!! Worst experience,

Comment by Kaila Gonez on 27 Dec 2018

I'm traveling to PR for the first time in early January. I have an Airbnb booked for Vieques for Jan 6-8, staying in San Juan the night before. Because the 6th is a holiday weekend (Three Kings Day), should I plan to try for the ferry or not? Do you think it would sell out? It's obviously much cheaper than trying to fly from Isla Verde, but I'm trying to decide if the hassle of renting a car, driving to Ceiba, and dealing with the ferry worth it. I am willing to wait, but want to make sure we'll actually get on - I've read about people waiting for hours and finding out it is sold out. Any thoughts or advice?

Comment by Cori on 27 Dec 2018

Are there taxis in Culebra to take you to the beach? how much do they cost? Thank you.

Comment by Heidi B on 26 Dec 2018

saludos, El ferry estara funcionando, y en que horario el 1 de enero 2019? desde Culebra a Ceiba?

Comment by MYRNA on 26 Dec 2018

If you are a tourist avoid this ferry at all costs. The employees that work at the terminals are very anti tourist. The beach (Flamenco) was beautiful. But the ferry experience both ways was miserable. The employees will lie to you. We tried to buy round trip tickets. We were told no. Return had to be bought on the island. We get to the island and immediately try to buy our return ticket and they had been sold out for hours!! The departure terminal knew this. We had to take the last cargo ferry at 8:30 pm to get off the island. We were told at 4:00, the departure we wanted, we could wait in line and see if there was any ‘no shows’ to fit us on. All the tourists in the same predicament as we were waited in line. In the mean time we noticed anyone who spoke Spanish were allowed to walk up and buy 4:00 tickets, they also let Spanish speakers in by moving barricades. It was ridiculous! We all saw it. I’m not talking 20 or 30 people jumping the lines, but at least 80. When they finally got to our tourist line about 20 people in front of us got in, they got to our party of 5 adults and 1 small (4yo) child and said no we can only take 5 more. We had to wait another 4 hours!! The fairy terminal people are extremely racist toward white English speaking tourists. It was very obvious to all. There is nothing to do during that wait, no taxis to be found at that time and no safe place to sit and wait as the sun goes down.

Comment by Susan Heiner on 23 Dec 2018

Thank you! I was going to ask the same question. Looking to take ferry from Ceiba to Culebra on 12/25. Glad to hear it is going to be operating!

Comment by Jeff Sternstein on 21 Dec 2018

yes, same as usual.

Comment by Gwenn on 21 Dec 2018

Are ferry operate on 12/24 and 12/25?

Comment by Bing on 20 Dec 2018

We are not affiliated with the taxis, so this may not be 100% right, but I will tell you what we know should be correct: Yes- there will be taxis there when you arrive. the fare on a taxi is per taxi, same for 1 or 5 people in it. The rate is what is questionable expect at least $80 plus about $10 for bag/night fee and if they take toll roads, another $5 at least. But they will tell you the rate before getting into taxi. http://aeropuertosju.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/tarifario.pdf

Comment by Gwenn on 19 Dec 2018

"There will be taxi's waiting ta the taxi stand at the airport." 1. We will arrive at ~3am. Are these taxis 24/7 on Dec25? 2. How much is the fare for 2people from the airport to Ceiba Ferry Terminal? 3. Or will they wait to fill the taxi up to 5 people?

Comment by Summer on 19 Dec 2018

This is just a guess since this is the first big holiday of this new ferry situation. The window opens 1 hr before departure. I would try to get there about 2 hrs ahead. I would think Xmas day would be not too busy. I would try 2 hrs prior (or go for the first ferry of the day- no one wants to wake up that early!). There will be taxi's waiting ta the taxi stand at the airport. Or you can try to pre-book a ride with a service, I know Luquillo Taxi does it. He may be able to buy your ferry tickets, but I don't think so.

Comment by Gwenn on 19 Dec 2018

There are no advanced ticket sales at this time.

Comment by Gwenn on 19 Dec 2018

Hi Gwenn, You mentioned in the comments that on holidays (this Xmas) the tickets would likely sell out. And you also mentioned that there is no advance or online selling. My question is, how early is it to buy tickets in person at the ferry terminal? #2. We will be landing in SanJuan Int'l Airport, we are a couple (2persons), how can we get a taxi going to Ceiba (the one that will fill-up up to 5 people)? Thanks!

Comment by Summer on 18 Dec 2018

Hello, I would like to buy ferri tickets from Ceiba to Vieques for the 30 of December in advance. Is there any possibility or it only can be purchase in the terminal the same day? Thank you

Comment by Helena Villar Ortega on 18 Dec 2018

Yes, passengers are allowed on the cargo ferry. It costs people $2.50 each.

Comment by Gwenn on 17 Dec 2018

From Ceiba to Culebra, can we take the 7:00 pm cargo ferry on 12/21? When should we purchase the ticket latest?

Comment by ina yin on 17 Dec 2018

Avis. They have an office right in Ceiba.

Comment by Gwenn on 16 Dec 2018

I'm wondering if it is possible to get a one way car rental from San Juan to the ferry terminal. Are there any car rental companies that would do this? Thank you

Comment by Hedda Rublin on 16 Dec 2018

The ferry runs decently well, but yes, it may be delayed or have issues. And I assume it will still be the same in Mid-January. But I would risk it. Many people use it. Just have an open mind and realize, you may have to wait. Maybe not, but maybe.

Comment by Gwenn on 15 Dec 2018

Hi, We will be visiting Vieques in mid-January. We will arrive Friday, spend the night in San Juan, then depart for Vieques Saturday. We are currently planning on using the ferry Ceiba-Vieques bc my partner is phobic re: small planes (props, puddle jumpers) and I can't convince her to fly - not even for such a short (30 minute) flight. But, confirming what I have read elsewhere, our host (lives in NY but visits Vieques regularly) warned us against using the ferry bc of the recent changes and terminal location change to Ceiba. She said it is not currently reliable and people get stranded for 3-4 hours on a regular basis. Any advice for taking the Ceiba-Vieques ferry on a Saturday to make it as painless as possible? Thank you!

Comment by janet on 15 Dec 2018

Just type in Ceiba Ferry Terminal...it comes up as an option. It is on Marina Drive.

Comment by Gwenn on 13 Dec 2018

What’s is the address to the ceiba ferry? Same as the airport? ( I will need it to call an Uber)....

Comment by Amber Ortiz on 13 Dec 2018

Yes,is that not clear in the article. The Fajardo ferry is closed. The passenger ferry is faster, but passengers can also go on the cargo ferry. So if you miss the 3pm passenger, take the next cargo ferry. Or, to avoid a lot of wasted time, check to see about flights out of Isla Grand airport.

Comment by Gwenn on 12 Dec 2018

Just to confirm, so the ferry terminal in Fajardo is out of service and we can only use the on i Ceiba? We come from San Francisco and decided to go to Vieques island on the same day after we arrived at San Juan airport (SJU) on 12/18th. Our flight arrival time is 1:00pm and the last passenger ferry according to your schedule is 3:00pm. Does that means it is unlikely we can take the ferry to Vieques island on the same day? Is it possible for us to take the cargo ferry (the 4:45 one)? We only have 2 carry on luggages.

Comment by Xiaoyu on 11 Dec 2018

At this time, I don't believe they are selling advanced tickets. But you could try....

Comment by Gwenn on 08 Dec 2018

Can you purchase the ferry ticket the day before you want to go? Or does it have to be the same day?

Comment by Lili Martinez on 08 Dec 2018

Yes, no problem.

Comment by Gwenn on 07 Dec 2018

My friend and I reserved the flight to Vieques but we wanna try the ferry as well. Can we buy the one-way ticket of the ferry from Vieques to Ceiba? Thanks

Comment by Echo on 07 Dec 2018

I don't think they do Veteran discount, but senior rate if 60 years or old is $1.

Comment by Gwenn on 05 Dec 2018

I am a veteran any discount ?

Comment by JOSE APNTE on 04 Dec 2018

Possible but not likely. Without checked bags and with a transportation (private taxi) already made (and maybe with ferry tickets purchased), it is possible. But that depends on no flight delays...from Maine, in winter.....

Comment by Gwenn on 03 Dec 2018

The ferry could sell out during holiday break, but you can choose different times (the really early ferry). Or you can easily take a catamaran/power boat trip to Culebra that includes food/drinks and snorkel gear. East Island, Culebra VIP or Tobias run boats from Fajardo to Culebra. Worry free that way!

Comment by Gwenn on 03 Dec 2018

My husband and I are traveling on Jan.31 from Portland, ME. We get into the airport at 1:21pm. Will we make the 3pm. ferry?

Comment by Peg Newberg on 03 Dec 2018

We planning to go to flamenco beach, culebra fora day,we would be staying in san juan. we would have rental car in san juan. can we get ferry at cieba or do they sell out? especially during christmas break. Whats the best way to get to flamenco back and forth from culebra ferry terminal?

Comment by Siddhartha Sharma on 02 Dec 2018

I don't think they are selling tickets ahead of time right now.

Comment by Gwenn on 01 Dec 2018

Hi. Can one buy the ferry ticks ahead of the date. We need to go dic 21 to culebra. Thanks.

Comment by Karim on 01 Dec 2018

Assuming no maintenance or weather issues, they should be working fine. I don't think there will be a lot of people trying for the 7pm cargo.

Comment by Gwenn on 28 Nov 2018

hi we planning to come on January 9th to PR. Our flight arrive 2.15pm, we want to go to Culebra. i know the latest ferry is 3pm. is it hard to get tickets to cargo ferry? in January is a lot of ppl going to Culebra?

Comment by Andzelika on 28 Nov 2018

yes. Happy Day!

Comment by Gwenn on 22 Nov 2018

Gracias Gwenn! I assume both the high speed cats and car ferries are running and if I miss the 3pm Ceiba cat there may still be a later car ferry to take... Happy Thanksgiving! Claus

Comment by Claus Janssen on 22 Nov 2018

Ferries have been ok lately, usually on time'ish (passenger ferry is on time except for if they need gas). They seem to only open ticket window 1 hr ahead, midday- about 1-1.5 hr ahead should be fine.

Comment by Gwenn on 21 Nov 2018

Hola Gwenn! I am planning to take the lancha or ferry to both islands next week, Nov27-30. Do you expect the boats to be running more or less on the schedules posted on this website? How early would you recommend arriving at the Ceiba terminal to park a car and buy a ticket for the miday boats? Gracias, Claus

Comment by Claus Janssen on 21 Nov 2018

There is really very little public transportation. If you have limited time and luggage, hiring a driver/taxi service would probably be the best route. About $80 for up to 5 people.

Comment by Gwenn on 15 Nov 2018

Not to the airport, but I believe there is a taxi/van that goes to Rio Piedras. You can get a bus from there other places, you would have to check the AMA bus map how you can get there...might be a couple transfers- there are only 2 buses that go near the airport. No luggage allowed and might take a number of hours.

Comment by Gwenn on 15 Nov 2018

How we could get to ferry from airport without car? And what about luggage?

Comment by Inna on 14 Nov 2018

Is there a bus or taxi from the Ceiba ferry to San Juan airport?

Comment by david F on 11 Nov 2018

There are Taxis there. Or you can call an Uber.

Comment by Gwenn on 10 Nov 2018

We will be returning from Culebra by ferry to Cieba. We have 5 in our family. Will there be uber drivers or taxis that can drive us back to San Juan form Cieba? Thanks

Comment by Rhonda on 08 Nov 2018

Yes, I believe there is now a publico that will go from Rio Piedras to Ceiba. You can translate this: https://www.elnuevodia.com/noticias/locales/nota/fijantarifasparatransportepublicodesdeceiba-2450988/?fbclid=IwAR37x23gSBNWznXLzH5Y-u8kyglzWzkzuVZ9Rxe79urVGC0GyGDJJ37TJ5U. Looks like it is $9 The camp grounds are open and ok. I don't think all the food stands are open, but some are.

Comment by Gwenn on 07 Nov 2018

Pregunta #!1..From San Juan can I get a van taxi from Rio Piedras (like before Maria) to Cieba ferry terminal? The cheap way! #2...Is Playa Flamingo in Culebra OK for camping after Maria-- cleaned up, w/the food stands, etc.? Gracias...Juddio

Comment by Judd Beck on 07 Nov 2018

Yes, the ferry runs 365 unless there is unsafe weather issues. Same schedules every day including holidays. There is no route between the little islands. You would have to take ferry back to Ceiba and then get on another to Vieques.

Comment by Gwenn on 07 Nov 2018

Hello, Looking to confirm that there is a ferry running from Cieba to Culebra on December 25th (Christmas Day)? It says 7 days a week in the posted schedule but does not mention specifics around holidays. Also hoping to confirm if there is any access to Viesques from Culebra? Or do passengers have to take a boat all the way back to cieba before going between the two islands? Thanks!

Comment by Yolanda on 06 Nov 2018

Just during a port stop? No. Not enough time. Unless you want to fly over from Isla Grande, but it would be an expensive, short visit.

Comment by Gwenn on 03 Nov 2018

Can you please answer 2 questions for me? 1. Is it viable to do a day trip to Culebra from the cruise terminal in San Juan? 2. If you think it is, can you tell me the best way to get to the marina from the cruise terminal, approx cost and the ferry times in the morning? Warm regards

Comment by Lisa on 03 Nov 2018

Right now, it is tough- the path from parking to the dock is gravel, so getting to the ferry will be difficult. Once to the ferry, yes, they are accessible.

Comment by Gwenn on 01 Nov 2018

You will have to call them, or go in person and ask for specifics. I believe they mean they will credit you and just change your ticket to the new times you want (as long as they are available when you go to ticket window).

Comment by Gwenn on 01 Nov 2018

Are the new ferries from Ceiba handicap accessible? My aunt uses a motorized wheelchair and we want to make sure she would be able to use the ferry.

Comment by Lilibeth Martinez on 01 Nov 2018

Hello, a few weeks ago, I asked a local to buy a round trip advanced tickets from mainland to Vieques in December. The local said the new company will honor the old ticket. Is this true? It seems that the new schedule is different. If they do honor the old ticket, but how they deal with the time difference?

Comment by Yifei on 01 Nov 2018

I don't know! The passenger ferry will be reliable but the schedule isn't great for day trips. I assume by then they will have gotten the second cargo ferry working. That trip takes 1.5-2 hrs to get to Culebra....it is long. But it will give you a longer day at the beach. I assume get there 1.5 hrs before scheduled trip. I don't think they are selling advanced tickets.

Comment by Gwenn on 31 Oct 2018

I will be staying in Ceiba from 11/6/18 to 11/8/18 and plan I’m going to Culebra that Wednesday 11/7/18. What are the best times you suggest to travel to and from Culebra and what are the hours to purchase tickets? How early should I go to purchase a ticket? Should I purchase a day before? I will be traveling with my son and mother.

Comment by Eduardo Garcia on 31 Oct 2018

All ferries leave from Ceiba now to go to the out islands. None are in Fajardo anymore. The article has all the information I have at the moment. You have to go to Ceiba and buy tickets at the window. I suggest you buy a round trip ticket...decide what time/date you want to return.

Comment by Gwenn on 30 Oct 2018

Hi, I would like to go to Vieques Nov 1st- can you please let me know if we have to take the ferry/lancha on Fajardo or Vieques? I'm going with 2 more friends and we would like to take the 9am trip! Please advise so we can make the proper arrangements, thanks in advance!

Comment by Natalia on 30 Oct 2018

Currently, there is a cargo ferry (that can take passengers) that runs in the afternoon/evening. They will always have a ferry for people to get over there. I don't know if they will keep the exact schedule they have now, but we will post more once they have figured it out.

Comment by Gwenn on 27 Oct 2018

I am coming to PR for a week starting December 29th. Our flight gets in at 2:10pm on a Saturday and we have a ride to Ceiba to catch the ferry to Vieques. Will there be passenger ferries running late afternoon and evening once the tourist season hits? Right now they stop at 3pm.

Comment by meg r. on 27 Oct 2018

right now, ferries are in a transition (moving to new terminal in Ceiba). There is usually one that leaves at 8:15p (cargo ferry). I assume it will be the same.

Comment by Gwenn on 27 Oct 2018

Am A solo Musician, flying in from North Carolina. on Tuesday Night, Oct 30th My first time .to come to Puerto Rico my flight will land at 5:15 pm . and I have to get a car I rented it takes about 90 mins to get to Ceiba ferry, then I have to go to Vieques. is there a Ferry between 8 pm -9 pm to catch over there

Comment by chris mcpeck on 27 Oct 2018

yes. Same price- $5/day. Currently they are not open 24hrs, but hoping they increase their hours next week when cargo ferry moves there.

Comment by Gwenn on 25 Oct 2018

Is there parking for Ceiba ferry terminal ?

Comment by VINAY BHARGAVA on 24 Oct 2018

only via plane. For the ferry you have to go back to main island and get on another ferry.

Comment by Gwenn on 21 Oct 2018

Hi, we plan to travel from Vieques to Culebra. WIll there be a direct line between the two islands?

Comment by Kewen on 20 Oct 2018

At this time, no advances ticket sales. There should not be many lines for the ferries, as it is low tourist season. I would get there about 1.5 hours before sailing, but we will know more on how well the ferries are running once the dust settles on this new operation.

Comment by Gwenn on 17 Oct 2018

yes, there will be cargo ferries running out of Ceiba. Exact schedules have not been confirmed, but there will be evening runs.

Comment by Gwenn on 17 Oct 2018

Hi there, I'm looking to go to Vieques and Culebra around Thanksgiving. Is there an easy way to book tickets in advance? If not, how long before departure should I get to the Ceiba terminal? I read that there might be 2-3 hours line in summer and you even risk not to get on the ferry. Thank you, Marco

Comment by Marco on 16 Oct 2018

When the 28th of October comes, will there still be cargo boats that go to Veiques after 3:00 oclock from Ceiba that passengers that get in late from the airport can get on.

Comment by john avila on 16 Oct 2018

no reservations for the passenger ferry. Right now, it is slow, so no lines/no problems. Around the holidays, maybe lines. Return tickets should not be a problem.

Comment by Gwenn on 14 Oct 2018

Me and my friends will be staying in Fajardo and would like to sail to Culebra. Do we need reservations or can we get them that morning. Will there be a chance of getting just a return ticket if we fly over. Thank you

Comment by RANDELL CROUCH on 14 Oct 2018

OK Thank you for the information

Comment by ??? ??? ????? on 14 Oct 2018

you would have to contact the companies that run the ferries directly.

Comment by Gwenn on 12 Oct 2018

In looking for work have experience as a sailor please let me know how do I apply .

Comment by Raymond rojas on 11 Oct 2018

for passenger ferry- no.

Comment by Gwenn on 10 Oct 2018

yes, it will be. I am not sure when they will have that parking area completed, it wasn't ready on Sunday when we went.

Comment by Gwenn on 10 Oct 2018

is it ok to leave a rental car in the ceiba ferry parking lot for several days?

Comment by Mark And Janis Martin on 10 Oct 2018

Planning to travel on 10/12/2018,Ceiba-Vieques; are reservations required?

Comment by Lynn Clyde Daniel on 10 Oct 2018

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