El Yunque Trail Map

    Update- April 3, 2019- All of El Yunque has NOT yet reopened after the hurricanes. La Mina Trail and Big Tree Trail, Bano de Oro Trail, Caimatillo and the lower part of El Yunque trail have not yet reopened. They are being worked on and we will post when they have reopened.

    The El Yunque National Forest has many trails, streams, rivers and waterfalls that can be enjoyed year-round. Though the forest covers 28,000 acres, when most people (especially tourists) speak of "going to the rain forest" they’re referring to the Recreation Area on the north side of the Sierra de Luquillo Mountains. The "main road" into this area is state road 191. This map shows the trails and roads within the Recreation Area maintained by the US Forest Service.

    El Yunque Trail Map

    We’ve marked the hiking trails with different colors. There’s no significance to the colors. We just wanted to be able to make the different trails "stand out" on the map. Please note that you can click on the blue labels in the map for more information.

    If you’d like to print a map to take with you, check out this larger version of our El Yunque Trail Map that’s more suitable for printing. Clicking the link will open the map in a new window.

    El Yunque National Forest is open 7 days/week, year-round. N191 trails/areas are open 8:00am- 6pm, Yokahu Tower closes at 4:30pm.

    2014- New route-Take RT 66 until the end at Rio Grande and go east (to the right). Turn right at next light onto RT 186, then bear left onto RT 966/9966. Go about 3 miles and you will come to a “welcome to the Forest” sign. Keep going until you hit RT 191. Turn left for El Portal or right to go up to trails.

    The conventional route- Take Route 3 toward Rio Grande and Luquillo. Coming from the west, you can either turn off RT 3 at the sign that says RT 191 and take that right up. Or if you miss that (or are coming from the east) You’ll see a sign pointing El Yunque (RT 955). Turn off of Route 3 at that corner (Eureka gas station). Follow the little road (955) for about 1 minute and you’ll see a sign for road 191 pointing up to the rain forest.

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It depends on where you are coming from and what time you get there! If you are coming from the SJ area, enter the forest either by RT 191 or up RT 966 to RT 191. I would try to get there by about 9am. You will have time to do almost any trail....Waterfalls- do Big Tree or La Mina trail to La Mina Falls. I would also suggest Juan Diego trail, but it is currently closed for renovation. For peaks- you can do Mt Britton tower. Leave by going down RT 191 to RT 3. You should probably leave the forest by 12n so you can catch a quick lunch, get to Ceiba, return car and catch flight

Comment by Gwenn on 08 Apr 2017

First, thanks so much for all the great and detailed information on PR. My question is: I will fly out of Ceiba RVR at 1:45pm (before which need to return car to Avis at Ceiba). With that in mind, what would you recommend as practical activities for the morning, including travel routes in and out of the forest area? Thanks a lot!

Comment by Will on 08 Apr 2017

Glenn- check out this article: http://www.puertoricodaytrips.com/el-yunque-overview/ On the map on the bottom, click on the little hiking symbols at each trail head. It will have all the GPS coordinates you need.

Comment by Gwenn on 18 Mar 2014

I wish someone would post the coordinates or address to get to this forest with a GPS.

Comment by Glenn on 17 Mar 2014

Technically, I guess you _could_ walk from the Rio Mar to El Yunque, but I don't think you really want to. The distance from the "main entrance" to Rio Mar (which doesn't include the distance from where ever you're staying inside of the resort) to El Portal Visitor Center in El Yunque is about 3 miles. Then about another 3 miles (all uphill) to the trailhead for Big Tree Trail (which is the "lowest" trail that will get you to La Mina Falls). Your best bet is to rent a car.

Comment by Ray on 01 Jul 2009

Ray, thanks for the info. Not only is your website informative, but is also very nicely illustrated. Can I walk from Rio Mar to El Yunque/La Mina Falls?

Comment by Christine on 29 Jun 2009

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