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If you are a more active beach-goer, and you want a little exploration in your beach day, trekking to some “secret” pools can be fun. There are some nice, and fairly accessible, hidden pools in Fajardo. The one I think is the best is called Piscina Natural de Cabeza Chiquita. It is accessible from Playa Escondida (or Playa Colora for the more adventurous explorer). While the route is not an easy stroll, it is worth the effort. The prize for your effort is beautiful views from the rocks, and a quiet place to relax.

Hidden Pools in Fajardo

These pools are located in Fajardo, which is the eastern-most point on the northern coast of Puerto Rico. In order to get to these pools, you need to start from Balneario Seven Seas, in Fajardo. You will be walking in the Cabeza Chiquita, the finger of land that is across the Bahía Las Cabezas from the Las Cabezas area (which is where the lighthouse is located).

All the beaches mentioned in this article have nice sand, however, only Seven Seas will have facilities like restrooms, showers, lifeguards, and a restaurant/snack bar. So you need to bring everything with you. We highly recommend water and sunscreen at the very least, as the pools are in full sun. You will need decent shoes (sneakers or other closed-toed shoes) for the trip to the pool, as the rocks are sharp, and some are loose! So plan ahead.

Hidden Pools in Fajardo

The Trek

We aren’t really the sit-on-the-beach-and-sunbathe type of people. We have to be moving at all times! So once at a beach, we go walking – just to see what’s around the next curve in the beach. If you are like us, then this exploration can keep you busy for hours.

Starting on the beach at Balneario Seven Seas, walk to the far left (when facing the water). After the end of the balneario, you will find a trail that leads into the woods – follow that trail. Turn right at the tee, and continue until you see signs. It is about a 20-30 minute walk along the path. It is a nice, easy to follow path, though it can get muddy.

Hidden Pools in Fajardo

From this path you can reach Playa Colora (there is a large sign and that trail goes to the right). It is a great beach, that is rarely used. But the sea is always rough here, so it is not good for swimming. If you continue straight on the path (bypassing the turn toward Playa Colora), you will get to Playa Escondida.

You can reach the pools from either beach, but the path from Playa Escondida is much easier than climbing over the rocks from Playa Colora!

Hidden Pools in Fajardo

The “easy way” takes about 15-20 minutes. To start, once on Playa Escondido, walk all the way to the right (east) until you find a path that leads up the hill (right before the beach turns to rocks). It is a bit of a scramble up, loose rocks/soil, so be careful. Once at the top, you will find many winding paths through the grasses that go eastward. These grasses and small shrubbery may scratch a little, I found them to cause an itch for just a short while.

The pools are on the other side of the hill and up towards to end of the land. We kind of just followed the path in the grass as it wound its way and eventually, you come out of the grass, onto the rocks at the almost north-east tip of this hill. From here, you can see the other side, the Bahía and the pool. You will have some great views from up there. You need to work your way down these rocks to the pool (there is kind of a worn path to follow).

Hidden Pools in Fajardo

The “difficult way” takes about 30 minutes. This is more dangerous way, as you will be climbing along the edge of a cliff on rough rocks, so be careful. We enjoyed it, but might use gloves next time to protect our hands. The route is straight forward. To start, once at Playa Colora, walk all the way to the left (north) and start climbing the rocks! Up and over and continue along this way, up and over. Along this route you come to a few other pools, one that is small and another one isn’t very protected from the waves, but still neat. There are some places you will be able to see a little worn “path” where the people before you made the route. Following that “path” usually is the easiest way to go if you can find it. Eventually, you will get to the Natural Pool of Cabeza Chiquita.

Hidden Pools in Fajardo

The Piscina Natural de Cabeza Chiquita pool itself is crystal clear water. I did not see urchins, but there was some algae and stuff growing on the rocks under the water (so I would wear shoes if you go in). The pool is pretty well protected, high enough that the waves don’t usually crash over into where you would be. Maybe only a problem in really high seas. But usually, waves seem to come in gently in a few places, so it seemed to have a supply of water coming and going.

When you are finished enjoying the views and pool, pick up all the stuff you brought and take it back with you. It is a lovely place, with blue water and volcanic rocks. Really pretty, let’s keep it that way!

Hidden Pools in Fajardo


There is a small fee to park in the parking lot at Balneario Seven Seas.

Take water and sunscreen. Wear sturdy, close-toed shoes.

From Route 3 in Fajardo, take Route 194. After you pass El Conquistidor Resort, 194 becomes Route 987. Continue on 987 until you see Seven Seas Beach on your left.

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