Splash the Day Away at La Posita Beach in Loíza

Are you looking for a beach with calm water close to San Juan? Playa La Posita (aka Playa La Pocita) is a family favorite. This little “pool” of water is protected from the rough north coast swells by a ridge of rocks. The waves rarely come over the top, so this water is usually calm and warm. It’s great for the little ones to play in.

Playa La Posita

Playa La Posita is super easy to get to, right on the side of Route 187 in the Piñones section of Loíza on the north east coast of Puerto Rico. It’s about a 15-minute car ride from the hotels in the Isla Verde area. And the Piñones walk/bike boardwalk goes right by it. There is parking in the dirt lot, or roadside, across the street from the beach.

La Posita water is shallow, warm, and crystal clear. It is maybe 3-feet at the deepest, so it’s not a real swimmers beach. Think of it as a natural “kiddie pool”! It is great for sitting in the water, and just relaxing. Kids can enjoy it without the worry of huge waves crashing. This is also a great place for people to practice snorkeling. There are some fish in the water (especially by the rock wall), and there are shells – lots of urchin shells.

Playa La Posita

It is super popular with the locals on weekends and in the summer time. There are a few trees for shade, so get there early for a shady spot! The beach itself is not wide, but it is long, so there is usually plenty of room for everyone. Fewer people will be there during the week and in the winter, so then there is more room to spread out and relax!

On the other side of Route 187 there are 2 areas with food & drink kiosks if you get hungry. Just be careful crossing the street – it can be busy with beach-goers! It may not be the quietest beach … it is close to the airport and steps from the road, so it has some background “noise”. It is also super popular with local families, so there maybe music playing.

Playa La Posita

There are no lifeguards, and there aren’t any restrooms. On the eastern end, you have to walk across boulders to get to the beach. On the western end, you have to climb over a guard rail. But all in all, the pretty beach and beautiful water make up for any inconveniences! It is a really pretty nice place!


There is no cost to use the beach. Parking is road-side.

During busy times at the beach, there is a guy renting lounge chairs and beach umbrellas.

There can be sea urchins in the water, so be careful where you step.

Playa La Posita is located on Route 187 between KM 6.1 to 7.3 in Loíza.

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