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Cabo Rojo Beaches

Posted on Feb 14th, 2010 by • Updated on Feb 22nd, 2015

Combate Beach

The south-west tip of Puerto Rico is generically referred to as Cabo Rojo, even though there is a town in that area by the same name. The Cabo Rojo area has some beautiful beaches, and even a lighthouse with breath-taking views.

On a recent trip we visited two lovely beaches, each different, but special — Combate and Boquerón.

Combate Beach

Located at the end of Route 3301, Combate Beach was a little confusing for me. As we went down Route 3301, we ended up at the water near a restaurant called Annie’s Place, among a number of other bars and restaurants. Here, we had to make a decision — either park here and go to th beach on the left, or follow the road to the right and down a bit, where we found a parking lot and picnic tables. Both areas are Combate Beach.

Combate Beach

The beach with the picnic tables was small, and would probably fill up quickly with familes on weekends and holidays.

The beach to the left of Annie’s Place went on for miles! I believe that if you walked far enough, you could find a private spot no matter how busy it got.

The beach itself was thin, but long. The water was clean and just a bit turbid with sand in it. There were no waves on the day that we went. It looked very nice. But with all the bars and restaurants in the area, I bet it gets crazy with people hanging out. It also looked like boats, jet-skis and other small craft could anchor between the roped-off swimming areas (so it probably is not a quiet beach!).

Combate Beach

There appeared to be a way to get your car onto the beach, if you turned down the last road before the beach. But the gate was locked the day that we went, so I really don’t know.

This looked like a nice beach on a mid-week day, but a popular hangout on weekends and summertime. There are no facilities for the beach, but there were restaurants and bars you could use. At the beach parking area, there were restrooms, though they were closed the day we went.

Balneario Boquerón

Now this was a nice beach. Balnearios are government-run beaches, with facilities including parking, restrooms and showers. It is also a Blue Flag beach, meaning (among other things) that they do water-quality testing, and have conservation & educational information available.

Balneario Boqueron

Located off of Route 101W, Balneario Boquerón is another long beach. It has soft sand, picnic tables, shade trees, restrooms, showers, a playground, gazebos, handicap facilities, nearby lodging, and a cafeteria. The restrooms are located in the yellow building. Showers are outdoor, rinse showers set up along the beach.

There is a large, roped-off swimming area, with lifeguards on duty. The water is warm but still not crystal clear, with a little turbidity from the sand. I didn’t like the feel of the bottom in the water — the sand had a kind of muddy quality to it. But it was nice to just hang out and float in the water.

Sea without Barriers at Balneario Boqueron

It was a wide beach, but I am sure it can get crowded with families on weekends, holidays and in the summer months. But if you are looking for a beach with facilities, this one has it all.

It also had a Mar Sin Barreras (Sea Without Barriers), to provide handicap access to the ocean. It was obviously built a long time ago, and has unfortunately fallen into disrepair. However they still have a building and handicap accessible restrooms/showers, and the beach wheelchairs for people who need them.


Cabo Rojo Beaches

Parking is $3-10 plus tax per vehicle for Boqueron beach.


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  1. You forget to include: Isla Ratones at Joyudas, Cabo Rojo, that is amazing! And Playa Azul at Joyuda, Cabo Rojo too.

  2. I was very disappointed with the descriptions of both Combate and Boqueron. Neither was clean or well maintained. There was trash everywhere, but Boqueron was the worst, with water bottles, beer caps, food and cigarettes all over the ground. It was not pleasant to walk through all that to arrive at the sandy shoreline where more trash was thrown. The water was only ok at each of these beaches, not clear or particularly clean. Crash boat Beach in Aguadilla was by far the nicest swimming beach we could find. Playuela beach in cabo rojo was beautiful but not worth a long drive to get there, although the shorebirds and other birds were well worth the visit.

  3. Thanks for the input. The descriptions in our articles describe what we saw when we were most recently there. Conditions change over time, due to time of year, number of people (and therefore more trash), weather, etc. If we re-visit a place, and we see that things have changed, we update the article or at least add a notation to that effect.

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