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San Juan Metro Area Bus Routes and Map

Posted on Jun 3rd, 2012 by • Updated on Apr 9th, 2014

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San Juan Bus Routes

Public transportation on the island is always a hot topic among travelers. Puerto Rico’s transportation system within the San Juan metro area is pretty good. But, unlike many other Caribbean islands, our public transportation system does not encompass the entire island.

Information on the public bus system is hard to find. To counter that, we’ve put together this brief guide, and we’ve scanned the AMA bus route map, in the hopes of making travel on the island a little easier for at least a few visitors.

Let’s get this out of the way Right up Front

I will start by saying I am not an island public transportation expert by any stretch of the imagination. Since I live outside of the San Juan metro area, public transportation is almost non-existent for me. So my experience taking public transportation here is zilch. The information in this article is based on data from DTOP, AMA, ATI, and my own observations.

The bus routes were last updated in November 2013, and the information and maps below reflect the new routes.

Transportation options for Tourists

The easiest way to travel around the island is to rent a car. Driving here is easy enough, and having a rental gives you the flexibility of going where you want, when you want.

San Juan Bus Routes

If you don’t want to rent a car, the next best option is taking taxis around the metro area. They are faster and easier, but also more expensive in the long run.

Public transportation (bus, train, and publico) is the final, and least expensive, option. From what I have seen and heard, the public transportation system here has lots of inconveniences … so I can’t really recommend it for tourists.

We realize that not everyone has the option of renting a car or taking taxis. So it’s for those people that we’ve put together this brief guide.

Public Transportation System in San Juan

The Departamento de Transportación y Obras Públicas (DTOP) runs the public transportation system. The whole system, including the buses, trains and publicos (public vans) is called Alternativa de Transporte Integrado (ATI). The bus system is called the Autoridad Metropolitana de Autobuses (AMA). The light-rail train system is called the Tren Urbano. The whole public transportation system is most prominent in the San Juan metro area.

Public transportation outside of the San Juan metro area is very limited. Our advice is not to depend on public transportation out on the island.

There is a DTOP-AMA web site with an "interactive trip-planning" route map — but it doesn’t work, so we’re not going to say more about it until it does. That’s why we scanned the printed AMA bus route map, which you can find toward the bottom of this article.

San Juan Bus Routes

The bus system is a series of different routes that go around the major areas of San Juan. The bus stops are called paradas. On each parada, they have posted signs that indicate which buses stop there, and the supposed time schedule.

Do not expect that information to be accurate. Buses do not run on time. The buses are not immune to the traffic jams, so they arrive when they arrive.

When the bus is coming, flag the driver down, so he knows to stop for you. Before getting in any bus, double-check (by asking the driver) that you’re getting onto the right bus for where you want to go. The drivers should be able to help you with connecting routes, too.

There are pros and cons to taking the bus. On the positive side, they are cheap and air-conditioned. On the negative side, they can be crowded, they don’t adhere to any real time schedule, you cannot take luggage onto the bus, and they only operate from about 5am or 6am until 9pm or 10pm (depending on the route).

The bus fare is 75¢ for all routes, which includes a transfer to the Tren Urbano within a 2-hour window.

Some of the Bus Routes in the Metro Area

We are re-working this section to reflect recent changes in the routes. Take this info with a grain of salt for now.

Note that the actual route numbers that will be displayed at the paradas may differ from the route numbers displayed on the buses. Sometimes the route is prefixed with A, B, C or T, and sometimes it’s just a number with no letter. All that really matters is the route number. For example, A21, T21 and just plain 21 are all the same route. On the scanned AMA bus route map, the routes are listed without prefixes.

San Juan Bus Routes

Metrobus 1 (M1) starts in Old San Juan and passes through Santurce and Hato Rey en route to the Sagrado Corazón stop in Río Piedras, and then returns. It may be labeled as M3 for the OSJ-Santurce loop until Sagrado Corazon Station where it is M1, but I can’t say for sure.

Metrobus 2 (M2) starts at the Parada 18 stop, heads to Sagrado Corazón to Hato Rey to Roosevelt Avenue (by Plaza Las Americas Mall) to San Patricio via Route 2 to Bayamón and returns.

Metrobus Expreso (ME) starts in Old San Juan, heads to the PR Convention Center, goes through Hato Rey to Río Piedras Sagrado Corzaon station, then returns.

T5 starts in Old San Juan, follows Ponce de Leon Avenue through Miramar, turns left on Jose de Diego Avenue, continues along Calle Loiza and Isla Verde Aveue, ends at Iturregui station, then returns. Note that the maps on the wall in the AMA terminal in Old San Juan, as well as the signs on the bus stops (paradas), say A5 for this route (even though A5 no longer exists).

21 starts in Old San Juan, follows Ashford Avenue through Condado, continues south to Hato Rey, goes past the PR Convention Center, ends at Sagrado Corazon Station, and then returns. Note that the maps on the wall in the AMA terminal in Old San Juan, as well as the signs on the bus stops (paradas), say B21 for this route (even though B21 no longer exists).

B40 or T40 starts at Piñero Station in Rio Piedras, goes across the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge to the Luis Muñoz Marín (SJU) Airport, touches Isla Verde, then returns.

C45 or T45 runs from Iturregui stop along Los Angeles Avenue to Isla Verde through Piñones to Loíza.It no longer goes to the airport.

C53 or T53 starts at Old San Juan, goes to the PR Convention Center, heads to Condado and Ocean Park Calle Loíza, then onto to Isla Verde via Isla Verde Avenue, and then returns.

DTOP AMA Bus Route Map – San Juan Detail

San Juan Bus Route Map

You would expect that the DTOP would post their owne bus route maps and schedules on-line, but they don’t. They do have a trip-planning tool on their web site; it doesn’t work.

So we’ve taken the liberty of scanning the printed map and posting it here.

This is the official bus route map produced by the DTOP AMA, made available in April 2014, for the route changes that were effective in November 2013. We make no claims as to the accuracy of this map or the route schedules.

We’re providing the map in two formats

DTOP AMA Bus Route Map – Metro Area Overview

San Juan Bus Route Map

This second map is the big picture view of all the routes in the AMA bus system.

This is the official bus route map produced by the DTOP AMA, made available in April 2014, for the route changes that were effective in November 2013. We make no claims as to the accuracy of this map or the route schedules.

We’re providing the map in two formats

DTOP AMA Bus Schedule – All Routes

San Juan Bus Route Map

This is the bus route schedule, listing routes, bus stops, and start/stop times for each route.

This is the official bus schedule produced by the DTOP AMA, made available in April 2014, for the route changes that were effective in November 2013. We make no claims as to the accuracy of this map or the route schedules.

We’re providing the schedule in two formats

Some Suggested Routes

We’ve taken a look at the bus routes, and have some suggested routes from the Isla Verde and Condado areas to some plces in the metro area frequented by tourists.

To Old San Juan

  • from Isla Verde — take 5 (will take about 30 minutes), or take 53 (will take about 50 minutes)
  • from Condado — take 21 (along Ashford Avenue) or 53 (along Calle Loiza)

To Condado

  • from Isla Verde — take 5 to Avenue De Diego, then switch to 21, or take 53

To University of Puerto Rico Botanical Garden

  • from Old San Juan — take ME to Sagrado Corazon, and then the Tren Urbano to the Cupey station, and then walk north along Route 3 to the garden

To Piñones

  • from Isla Verde — take 5 or 50 eastbound, then transfer to 45
  • from Condado — take 53, then transfer to 45
  • from Old San Juan — take 53 then transfer to 45

To the Tren Urbano — Any bus marked ATI hooks up with the Tren Urbano at the Sagrado Corazón Station. That means 10, 11, 15, 16, 21, 22, M1, M3, and ME.

To the Rio Piedras Market and UPR

  • from Old San Juan — take any 21 or ME, to the Sagrado Corazon station, and then take the Tren Urbano to the Rio Piedras station

San Juan Bus Routes

To Plaza Las Americas Mall

  • from Condado — take 21 to Sagrado Corazon, then transfer to 22
  • from Isla Verde — take 5 to Ponce de Leon then 21 to Sagrado Corazon, then transfer to 22
  • from Old San Juan — take 21 or ME to Sagrado Corazon, then transfer to B22

To Puerto Rico Museum of Art or La Placita on Avenue De Diego

  • from Old San Juan — take M3, 21 or 5
  • from Isla Verde — take T5
  • from Condado — take 21

To the PR Convention Center

  • from Old San Juan — take 53, 21 or ME
  • from Isla Verde — take 53
  • from Condado — take 21

Luiz Muñoz Marín (SJU) Airport — There is one bus route that goes to the SJU airport, but it has to be noted that luggage is not allowed on the any of the AMA buses. Only small, carry-on items are allowed on the buses. There are 3 stops on the airport 2nd level (Departure level) at terminals A,D,and E.

  • from SJU to Isla Verde — take 40 or 50, then transfer to 5 or 53
  • from SJU to Condado (Asford Avenue area) — take 40 or 50, then transfer to 53
  • from SJU to Old San Juan — take 40 or 50, then transfer to 5 or 53
  • from Isla Verde to SJU — take 5 or 53 eastbound, then transfer to 40 or 50
  • from Condado to SJU — take 53 eastbound, then transfer to 40 or 50
  • from Old San Juan to SJU — take 5 or 53, then transfer to 40 opr 50

To Isla Verde Beach area

  • from Old San Juan — take 5 or 53

To Condado Beach area

  • from Old San Juan — take 21 to 53

Additional DTOP information

For more information, you can visit the DTOP web site, or call 787-294-0500, 787-250-6064 or 787-622-6161.

Use this map to locate places mentioned in this article. You can click on a placemark to view the GPS coordinates for that place.

PuertoRicoDayTrips.com assumes no responsibility regarding your safety when participating in the activities described in this article. Please use common sense! If your mother or that little voice in your head tells you that you are about to do something stupid ... then don't do it! Read more about Safety →

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  1. Dear PuertoRicoDayTrips.com,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for compiling these facts on the bus routes. My husband and I rent out to short-term renters, most tourists, and we’ve been trying to get bus itineraries from AMA. This is a Godsend!


  2. This is really extremely helpful information! Thank you so much.

  3. Thank you so much for exploring the island and putting this map together!!
    As a traveller without a rental car I am extremely greatful! You’re awesome!

  4. Thank you so much for this information. My husband and I visited San Juan for the first time earlier this year, and took buses everywhere. Of course there were no maps or information, but everyone was very friendly and helped us get about.

    This is super!

  5. I’ve been searching for bus route map for the longest time and this site no doubt is the best! Thanks a lot!

  6. Way to go! Great information. Thank you very much for putting in this time and effort.

  7. Thank you for your work gathering this information for the rest of us. I am sure our visit to PR will be a succes thanks to you! :-)

  8. Good afternoon

    I kind of have to mention the map is way off now. See, now it is no longer B40 C45. And just the 40 goes into the airport. 45 Does not. Also from Sagrado, route 22 goes to Plaza, via F.D. Roosevelt with metrobusII, but goes all the way around Plaza, comes back via Ave. Quisqueya, Calle Calaf.

    If you like I can give you an update, since i live in PR and have this as a project i am working on?

  9. Since in the previous post it is stated that C45 does not go to the airport any more, what is the best way to get from the airport to Old San Juan?

    And another question: if we first take the C45 and then change to T5 at Isla Verde do we have to pay the 75cent twice or just once?

  10. El mapa de la AMA indica que la M1 viaja desde San Juan a Rio Piedras. Sin embargo, no aparece el logo M1 en San Juan ni la ruta Sagrado Corazon a San Juan. El mapa es confuso.

  11. You are correct- looks like we made a mistake. We will look into that. Thanks for bringing that to our attention.

  12. from SJU airport to Old San Juan — take B40, then transfer to T5 or C53. I believe it will be $0.75 for each segment of your trip.

  13. Take the M1 from Rio Piedras to Sagrado Corazon for 50 cents and then transfer to the M3 to return to Santurce and Old San Juan for 50 cents.

  14. Thanks very much for this information. It is not posted in AMA web. It is very helpful.

  15. Very helpful thank you so much! My hosts never take the bus! So I was puzzled until I found this site. Much appreciated!

  16. Thanx a million for the work you put together for the public. I hope you realize the extent of helpfulness you have given us! Maybe you should run the transportation of Puerto Rico! :)

  17. Amazing articles, Gwenn! My boyfriend and I especially like the ones about hiking trails in PR (Toro Negro, Guanica, etc.). We’ve never gotten lost following the directions!

    This map is great; much more user-friendly than the interactive DTOP map! I wanted to confirm that the M3 is the Sagrado-VSJ loop — I take it twice a week to go down Ponce de Leon from Sagrado Corazon and back again. The M1 stops at the same place in the Sagrado Corazon station, heading toward Rio Piedras. It’s funny, because I remember two or three years ago DTOP actually had a bus map PDF, which I used frequently. I lost it a while back and have never been able to find it again online…

  18. On a recent trip, I was staying at a hotel in Isla Verde. I decided to save money by taking the bus from the airport to Isla Verde, bus 40. This was the first time I took the bus in San Juan. It worked out really great actually. The bus stop at the airport was easy to find, I didn’t wait too long, and the ride to Isla Verde was very quick. Only 75 cents!

  19. Hola, la semana proxima estoy ahi visitando . Puede decirme cuanto cuesta un taxi desde el aeropuerto Luis Muñoz a Old San juan actualmente? Sabe de algun shutlle desde el aeropuerto que yo pueda tomar y cual es el precio del shutlle? Gracias por la informacion,

  20. There are no shuttles from the airport, you would have to take a taxi. Here is some info about them: http://www.puertoricodaytrips.com/getting-around-by-taxi/ and http://www.puertoricodaytrips.com/hotel-taxi-zones/.

  21. Thank you for this information! I love taking public transportation from the airport when I travel to major cities. I am grateful to know that luggage, aside from a small carry on, is not allowed on busses. This will save my buddies and I a huge hassle. We will take a taxi to our condo in San Juan. I am sure we will take the bus in and out of Old San Juan and Condado. Thanks again!

  22. What buses do I need to take for Unversity Gardens to Calle Loiza y caminar a la Calle Elena #7 en Ocean Park

  23. I am no public transport expert, but I would probably take the train to Sagrado Corazon Station and change to bus #10. But you will end up walking a number of blocks from Calle Loiza. The bus driver might have a better idea.Good Luck

  24. Question,

    Can a visitor take public transport from San Juan to Guavate, Cayey? I want to eat some Lechon at Guavate Lechoneras (lechon / pig roast).

    Any help out there?


  25. No, I don’t so. At least not without many changes between buses and Publicos. If it were possible, it would take lots of time- many hours and then some walking.
    Not really something visitors can do.
    Lechon is available elsewhere (especially on weekends)- on roadside stands and on way to El Yuqnue (Rd 191 and Rd 186).

  26. I was raised in Puerto Rico and remember when an AMA bus trip cost a quarter. Those were the days with no Metrobús, no transfers, no passes.

    I also relied on públicos and “de la isla” buses. The latter were these privately-run buses (school buses painted in colors other than the traditional yellow) which would leave from La Puntilla in Old San Juan, pass through Bayamón, and make it to inland towns such as Comerío, Naranjito, Barranquitas, and Orocovis. The fare was determined by how far you were going (you would just tell the driver), and I don’t recall how much of a set schedule they really had. I don’t even know if they still operate.

    Públicos are another story. These vans run all over the island and are regulated by DTOP. Based on my experience, they are based in terminals or along the perimeter of a town’s public square and depart once they are filled (or when passengers offer to pay for vacant spaces). In some cases, the fare may depend on how far you go, they basically operate during daylight hours, and weekend service is iffy.

  27. Hi Gwenn,
    When you say that no luggage is allowed on any buses, except small carry on items, is this also prohibiting small rollerboard carry on suitcases? I am moving to the area and need to travel a few times a month. I was hoping to save some money and take the bus to the airport but now I’m afraid I won’t be allowed since I’ll have my small suitcase with me. Do you know how strict the drivers are with this rule? Thanks!

  28. my suitcase is a duffle bag type with wheels and my traveling companion has a medium-large suitcase.

  29. They probably will not let you on with the bags. But I have heard some drivers may be more lenient.

  30. I believe each driver can be different. They might let you on with the small roller but I wouldn’t bet on it. Have a backup plan if they don;t allow it.

  31. Hi Gwenn,

    Any suggestions on the buses I would need to take from the airport to 164 Calle Padre Colón, Rio Pierdras. And also from 164 Calle Padre Colón to Plaza las americas.

  32. I am not guaranteeing this, but it looks like the RT 40 bus will go from the airport to close to that address in Rio Piedras.
    Now to get to the mall, that will require transfers. Looks like M1 or 3 and then transfer to 22 or M2 at the terminal.
    You can ask the bus drivers to be sure (or people waiting at the stops.)

  33. Thank you! This is very useful information. Your karma will be cleaner.

  34. Para el Hotel sheraton de miramar desde el dermenar de la parada 26 (Sagrado corazón)

  35. The Sheraton in Miramar is at the convention center. Looks like ME or 21 will get you to Sagrado Corazon..

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