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Spend a Half Day on an Exciting Zip Line Tour in El Yunque

Zip lining is one of those adventure activities that is on almost everyone’s must-do vacation list. And, when you’re in Puerto Rico, El Yunque National Forest, the beach, and kiosks in Luquillo are also usually on that list. So they guys at Yunque Zipline Adventure decided to help make the most of your time on vacation — they offer a zip line tour in Luquillo, in the foothills of El Yunque National Forest. Now you can spend half a day zip lining, and the rest of the day doing other vacation activities that are nearby.

For those of you that haven’t been on a zipline before — a zip line canopy tour allows you to sail from tree to tree, and platform to platform, on a network of horizontal cables that are mounted above the tropical forest floor. We think it is really a lot of fun!

Yunque Zipline Adventure and canopy course is located just up the road from the El Yunque National Forest. It is set on a beautiful, 38-acre piece of land, high up in the Luquillo mountains. Their course has 6 zip lines, with a rappel at the end of the final zip line from high up in a West Indian Locust tree. The views from the zip lines and platforms are fantastic! You fly out of the forest and get an amazing view of the northern limit of El Yunque National Forest, and El Yunque & Este peaks.

Yunke Zipline Adventure

Our Adventure

After meeting up with our group, we followed our guide for a 4-minute drive to the base camp for their operation. They have a house on this 38-acre property. Here our guides gave us the initial briefing on what we’d be doing over the next couple hours. They explained the equipment we would be using that day, and how safe it really is.

They explained that during our adventure, we would be wearing a harness (that attaches you to the cable system), helmet and gloves. Between the harnesses, carabiners, double zip line cables, a safety clip when you are on the platforms, and these guys watching out for us each step of the way, we knew that we would be in good hands.

The guides had a great sense of humor. They made everyone feel at ease, and were great about answering everyone’s questions. When we were all ready, they handed out the gear, and helped us into our harnesses. The harnesses were new and much more comfortable than other ones I have used on other zip line tours.

Here’s a tip — There is a restroom in the house, which I suggest you visit BEFORE gearing up!

Yunke Zipline Adventure

Then off we went. The first line is just steps away from the house. The second one is also just steps away from the end of the first. Then the third one takes you into the forest. And they all have great views of the peaks of El Yunque and the valleys of the forest. The lines are pretty long between 500-800 feet … no baby lines here!

Zip lining is fast and fun and exhilarating! What an adrenaline rush, stepping off the platform and flying through the air!

At each platform, the guide re-instructed us about the zip line, our equipment, how we should land on the platforms, and the safety practices they would be following. There is always a guide clipping you onto the line, and one at the other end, making sure you stop safely and un-clipping you from the line.

Next was the nature walk in the forest, which was a guided 15-minute walk. The path can be slippery and tricky in parts, but there are ropes to hold onto, and the guys let you take your time and help you if you need it. Since it is a natural forest, each walk through is different, depending on what animals happened along at the same time as we did.

The guides made frequent stops and pointed out all sorts of interesting things — every time a bird chirped, they would identify it for us. They told us about a number of the plants that grew along the way and their uses. They talked about the island, how it was formed, the original peoples … really all sorts of interesting things!

Yunke Zipline Adventure

At the end of the walk we arrived at the next zip line platform. While only 250 feet long, it is a thrill — it is short but FAST! That put us at the final zip line which was really long and fun. They also offer a chance to rappel down a rock wall , it is about a 50 ft rappel down. This is assisted, which means they hold the rope (using a hand brake) and control the speed of your descent (so you can’t mess up and fall). Fun!

Once you catch your breathe from the fun, you can get some great photos with El Yunque in the background as you make the short walk back to the house.

Hints, Tips & Other Info

This is a small operation, It was easy to see that the guides really love the land and culture of Puerto Rico, and want to preserve it and educate people about it. And, at the same time, provide a fun and safe adventure for everyone.

Because of the location, one can experience all the fun and excitement of this zip line course and still have lots of time left to visit the rain forest, Balneario Monserrate in Luquillo, the biobay in Fajardo), or any of the other great activities that are available in the north-east part of Puerto Rico.

You need to be of moderate physical ability — there are some steps up each platform and a 15 minute walk in the forest (some of it up hill) in the middle of your adventure. Closed-toe shoes are required. We recommend wearing longer shorts (no short-shorts) or light-weight pants. Bring water. Bring a small backpack for 1 person in your group (to hold your bottles of water, camera, etc). They do this trip rain or shine.

Normally, when we review an activity that is not free to the public, we pay the admission price out of our own pockets. However, we just want you to know that the guys at Yunque Zipline Adventure were kind enough to offer us this trip for free. While we don’t feel that this free ride influenced our review one way or the other, we felt that we should tell you, just as a matter of fact.
Ray & Gwenn

Yunke Zipline Adventure

The Details

The cost is $105/person plus tax and fees.Book online.They can offer round trip transportation also if needed (additional cost).

If you're happy, let them know it — Don't forget to tip your your bartender, tour guide or trip operator if you enjoyed yourself. Gratuities are appreciated and typically aren't included in the price they charge you.

They do this trip twice/day (at 8:30am and 1:30pm) 7 days/week.

Open to participants 7 years old and up. Children between the ages of 7 to 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Participants should weigh between 70 to 230 pounds (call them for specifics).

Allow 3 to 4 hours.

Call 787- 529-2496 for more information or to make a reservation. It’s better to call or book online.

You can visit their web site for more information.

Take Route 3 to the Luquillo area. Then pick up Road 992. The meeting point is at the basketball court at KM 4 on Road 992. You need your own car for this activity — they do no provide transportation.

Yunque Zipline Adventure is about a 45 – 60 minute drive from the San Juan area.

We are in the process of updating the maps we use on our web site. While we're working on that, you can click on the GPS coordinates below to view the location on Google Maps ...

PuertoRicoDayTrips.com assumes no responsibility regarding your safety when participating in the activities described in this article. Please use common sense! If your mother or that little voice in your head tells you that you are about to do something stupid … then don't do it! Read more about Safety →

Comments & Discussion

There are 15 comments on this article.

My wife and I along with our two teenage daughters went on the zip lines yesterday. Roqi and Hector were our guides. They did great job explaining every detail about how the systems work. This helped my wife, who has a fear of heights, to calm down and be able to enjoy the adventure. As you are going on the trip they explain the ecosystem to you and the history of Puerto Rico. They waited patiently so we could take plenty of pics and videos......in fact, they took a lot of the pics for us! Overall, we would rate this as a MUST DO while in PR.....well worth the $. These guys were so fabulous that we more than doubled what we had originally decided to leave for a tip.......they definitely earned it!

Comment by Jeremy and Jeri Yow on 22 Jun 2016

Just did this yesterday and had an amazing experience. We had Eric and Jomar who were beyond terrific. They were fun, personable, but also very instructive and safe. Not only did we get to zip line 5 times followed by a 50 ft rappel (something I am not sure that anyone else does), but we also learned a ton about the rainforest and Puerto Rico. We loved their national pride. We had them for nearly 3 hours and it was worth every penny. Highly recommend YZA over the competition hands down!

Comment by Jamie and Jacob Curtis on 06 Apr 2016

Wow, what a great time! Roqui, and Jose Hector were just wonderful. The instruction was fantastic, and more thorough than any other we have experienced. They addressed each one of the 16 members of the party by name, throughout the entire experience. That is a an impressive detail will definitely make us want to come back and zip with them again. We couldn't have had a better experience, and it is attributed to the care and enthusiasm of the guides. The best part of the trip was the information about the rain forest and Puerto Rico in general.

Comment by Tim Higgins on 02 Apr 2016

I have to say this was best excursion ever! We were staying in Condado, so we got to rent a car and drive a bit through the island, which was a treat in itself. But once we met Rocky at the base of the mountain and followed him up the hill we were enchanted. The rainforest is so amazing, you can feel the earth breathing, and welcoming you to explore. Rocky and Eric were fantastic, you know they do 2 tours a day, and must give the same speeches over and over but it seemed like we were the first group ever! They were so happy, friendly, and knowledgeable that I walked away feeling like a zipline pro. I also felt a bit smitten, so watch out ladies, these jungle men are not just nice, they are gorgeous as well! We did 5 ziplines, with the last one being a spectacular, long view above the trees with an uninhibited view of the forest. We also got some cool nature facts and tidbits along the small hike you take up to the final two lines. There was a bit of a surprise at the end which was amazing, and I'll leave it at that! If you want to zipline in PR this is definitely the spot! Super safe (we had an engineer in the group, and yes, we assessed), beautiful, and a great mini escape out of the busy hectic world and into a lush, tropical paradise.

Comment by Danielle Goforth on 09 Feb 2015

This was by far an amazing experience. I went with my mother, and my little brother and we all had a blast. Eric was awesome at explaining everything and telling us history regarding the land they were one. All 5 lip lines had amazing views. I never once felt unsafe, the took very good care of everyone in the group. ( Total of 15 for the group ), and we all left very happy. The owner Roqui is also very nice and helpful, my dad had a little experience coming to get us but Roqui did everything he could to help my dad and do everything he can for him. These men are very professional and run a very great zip line adventure, I suggest EVERYONE try Yunke Adventure Zip Line they are AWESOME !!!!!

Comment by Heather Rodriguez on 23 Jul 2014

Great experience! I have never zip lined before but I never felt unsafe or scared. Both Ricki and Roqui were very professional and had a sense of humor. They helped us every step of the way. The view was amazing! Be sure to look around. I would highly recommend these guys over anyone else!!!!!!!!

Comment by Melanie Sabin on 09 Apr 2014

Our family did a tour February 10th. My three daughters (10, 12, 15) were able to do the course with a little instruction. The guides were reassuring and made sure everyone understood the procedures. We felt safe at all times. This was something our family has wanted to try for a long time and was one of the highlights of our trip to Puerto Rico. Thanks for a thrilling and unforgettable experience.

Comment by Mary on 17 Feb 2014

They told us these guidelines are generalities. I forget exactly the explanation, but it was something like that men are usually taller, so their weight is spread out. But they will work with people on a person by person basis to determine if it is safe. The weight limits are not for the lines or harnesses, it is for the guides if they need to rescue/carry a person out if there is a problem.

Comment by Gwenn on 05 Nov 2013

Am I the only one that caught the part about the weight limit...? "Participants should weigh between 70 to 230 pounds (200 pound limit for women)." How does it make sense to have different weight requirements for women? I do not fall outside of the weight requirement "for women", but I find this strange as well as insulting.

Comment by Jamie on 27 Oct 2013

Jaime and Roqui were awesome. My group was myself and my three children (ages 11, 13, 15). We all had a blast on their zip-lines. The trek through the forest, about 20 minutes, was well informed. Roqui gave us a history of the region and informed us about the plants and animal life. We all got much more than just wonderful views and a bit of excitement. I would recommend this experience to everyone. Well worth it.

Comment by Riz on 20 Aug 2013

Spent an afternoon with these guys. Great experience. Felt completely safe - these guide exude competence and knowledge. My kids and wife had a great time and learned a bunch about the rain forest and some PR history. Highly recommend.

Comment by Brian on 01 May 2013

Amazing experience zip lining and the views were spectacular. Jaime and Roqi were funny and very patient with the “scary cats” in our group (including me). The hike is just enough and you get to see nature up close. I am a city girl but this trip was a perfect balance with the right amount of hiking and zip lining (5 times). The last zip line is the longest but has the best views and you repel down afterwards. Jaime was nice enough to take us a group picture in the platform. Highly recommend it!

Comment by Betty on 04 Mar 2013

Well, as a follow up, I did get clarification. They do only have what he called the "short version" of the adventure available at this time and the price is $65. That's kind of a lot for just 2 zips. I'm disappointed because I really wanted to use them. I wish them well and hope they are back up and running soon.

Comment by Cindy K on 13 Apr 2012

You say that they have 7 ziplines, but their website and the person who commented above say there are only 2. I will have to eventually call them for clarification because maybe I'm misunderstanding. What happened to the other 5 lines? I can't imagine that it's worth the $65 for only two ziplines.

Comment by Cindy K on 12 Apr 2012

Yunke Zipline was a great recommendation! Both Jaime & Roqui were Awesome. We went on Dec.11th at 2pm, and there were a few other groups with us. It had been raining so it was very muddy but we came prepared for the short hike & had no trouble at all. We did 2 ziplines & 1 rappel and I couldn't have felt safer. The adventure was fun, an experience I will never forget. Thanks to both of them for taking great care of us.

Comment by Bianca on 27 Dec 2011

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