Take a Boat Ride to Lunch at Lago Dos Bocas

Since Hurricane Maria, this area had not been maintained well by the government. Lately, they have been cleaning it up. Seems like they may offer boat rides around lake sometimes during week, but on weekends they have that and the one for the couple of restaurants that are open (I think the restaurants are open only on weekends (Sat/Sun)).

Lago Do Bocas

Looking for a nice off the beaten path way to spend a weekend afternoon? You can always hop in the car and head to Lago Dos Bocas toward the center of the island, where you can enjoy a boat ride around the lake or, to make a longer day out of it, go to one of the lakeside restaurants and enjoy drinks or a meal while admiring the views.

Lago Dos Bocas (Dos Bocas Lake) is a man-made lake (as are all of the lakes in Puerto Rico) located between Arecibo and Utuado. It was constructed in 1942 by what is now the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) by blocking the Arecibo and Caonillas Rivers where they meet. There, they made a dam and installed a hydroelectric power plant. I am pretty sure the dam is still used to generate electricity, and the beautiful lake is used as a potable water reservoir and for public enjoyment (mainly on weekends).

We stopped here for lunch with my brother John and his wife Chris after our Cueva Ventana adventure on a Sunday in March. The lake is just about 15 minutes away from the cave and it was lunch time — so it was a perfect plan!

The route to the lake is easy to follow — there are large signs pointing the way to the embarcadero (pier) parking area. Here you will be helped by attendants into finding a spot to park. Parking was free when we went, though there was a booth (so maybe they charge sometimes?). From there, just walk to the left toward the water.

In the parking lot, representatives from the restaurant had sample menus and pictures of their place. They serve typical Puerto Rican cuisine, or comida criollo.

The Restaurants

-The restaurants are lakeside, though some higher up and some close to water level. They have their own boat that picks up customers at the boat dock and ferries them them to their restaurant. Once you decide which restaurant to go to, the rep will call the boat and they will meet you at the dock. The boats range in size, but most can hold 10 to 12 people.

Lago Do Bocas

The lake was much larger than imagined it would be. The boat ride, going at a nice fast clip with a great breeze, took about 10 minutes each way. Along the way, there were great views of the mountains and water fowl. The restaurant have open-air, covered seating areas for meals. Some also have indoor seating.

Keep in mind that these restaurants are only open on the weekend, usually from 10 or 11am until 6 or 7pm. They are sometimes open on Monday holidays. The may be open mid-week in July. It’s best to call ahead just to make sure.

All of the restaurants have similar prices — appetizers run about $3 to $7, main meals about $12 to $17. I believe all the restaurants take Visa, MasterCard, ATH (debit) and (obviously) cash. A few may take American Express. You may want to check with the representative before boarding the boat.

  • Paisaje Escondido open Saturday – Sunday 787-640-5179
  • La Marina de Rancho- open Saturday- Sunday (787) 630-2750 or 787-618-2752

There are just a couple restaurants located at the lake that are open.

When we went there were 5 to choose from, we decided on a restaurant just because of we liked the name. We tried the mofongo (one with with rabbit & one with shrimp), the churrasco (skirt steak) and filete de chillo (snapper fillet). They were all very good!

Other Activities on the Lake

If you do not want to eat, you can hire a boat to take you on a little tour around the lake. It is about $5 per person, though sometimes they require 4 people to go, so it might cost $20 if you have fewer than 4 people. It is a nice trip, breezy and pretty and calm water. They have life jackets for kids.

They allow fishing at the lake, with a permit. I believe you can rent a boats and kayaks to enjoy on the lake, also.

Other Things to do Nearby

Lago Do Bocas

If you’re going to make the drive to the Arecibo/Utuado area for Dos Bocas, you might as well visit one of the many nearby attractions and make a full day out of it. Some nearby attractions include


Note that Lago Dos Bocas is popular with local people and gets VERY busy on summer weekends!

Driving directions: From the San Juan area, take Route 22 West to Route 10 South (exit 75B). At KM 69.7 on Route 10, turn left onto Road 621 (there are large signs for Dos Bocas) toward Road 123. Turn right onto Road 123, and stay on Road 123 (it turns to the right at one intersection) following the signs to El Embarcadero parking area. Be aware, Road 123 is a small and twisting/turning road.

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