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Ride a Bike on the Boardwalk in Piñones

Update 1/21- The boardwalk did sustain some damage in the hurricane, but it is being repaired. It is usable. COPI is renting bikes.

Biking the boardwalk in Pinones

It’s not surprising that biking in Piñones is a favorite activity of locals and tourists alike. This beautiful area, located just minutes east of Isla Verde, has beaches, mangroves, restaurants, and an 11-kilometer nature trail. It feels like a totally different world than the busy tourist areas of Isla Verde and Condado.

I love this area, it is so pretty and you can get a million beautiful pictures. The trail runs along the ocean and beach, then into the mangrove forests. I really enjoy biking on it – it is mostly flat and the breeze is great. It takes about 2 hours to go directly from one end and back. But you’ll probably want to spend more time, so you can stop and take pictures, grab a bite to eat and explore some beach areas.

COPI, which a Cooperative that helps promote the Piñones area and local businesses (the acronym comes from it’s name in Spanish), hosts a company, CicloNatura, that rents bicycles. These “comfort” bikes (the ones with the fat tires) are in good** condition **Note: recent comments 2009-2010 mentioned the bikes are now in bad shape** . It is the only place in Piñones I know of that gives you helmets, too. They have bikes in all sizes, from small ones for kids, regular bikes, bikes with baby seats, and even bikes built for two.

Bikes for rent at COPI in Pinones

The COPI building has clean bathrooms and they sell water & soda. They are very close to many places to grab a bite to eat. They also have kayak rentals.

There are a few other places along RT 187 that haves bikes for rent,but they are also in bad condition. For people who don’t want to ride a bike in poor shape, there is “Best Tour Connection” 6471 Ave Isla Verde located in Isla Verde (by the Hampton Inn), that rents bikes for $6/hr (787) 253-1886). Rent A Bike in Condado charges $20 for all day rental 787-967-7770.They will deliver the bike to your hotel. Or you could contact Rent The Bicycle and either take a tour or rent the bikes through them.

The only "problem" with the Piñones area and boardwalk is the garbage. There has been a lot of dumping of trash. You need to look past the garbage and see the beauty beyond.

Bike rentals are $10.00 per hour. Baby seats bikes and bicycles built for two are extra. Fee includes required helmet.

You can check their facebook page for more information.

You can call them at 787-253-9707 to reserve a bike or for info.

They are open everyday from 9:00am to 5:00pm (or so) . The last bike rental starts at 4:00pm. The gate to the parking lot closes at 7:00pm.

COPI is located at the end of the Boca de Cangrejos bridge. There’s a green fence around the parking area. They have a sign that says Cultural and Ecotourism Center.

From San Juan: Take Route 26 east or Route 37 east to Route 187 east and cross the bridge over Boca de Cangrejos. You are now in Pinones! COPI is located on the right, just at the east end of the bridge.

From Ri­o Grande: Take Route 3 west until you get to the Outlet 66 Mall (formerly Belz Factory Outlet Mall). Turn right onto Route 188 north toward Loi­za. Once you’re in Loi­za, turn left onto Route 187 west toward Piñones. Go to the end, you will see a green fence on the left.

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11-June-2021 We rented bikes at COPI (10$/hour), and followed the bike path. The bikes are old and in poor condition, this ruined the experience for us. The bike path has not been maintained for years, so you have to look down and pay attention; there are wooden planks broken or missing on the boardwalk, this is usually manageable if you pay attention. There are sections of the path in the mangrove with tree trunks almost blokkng the way. Some section were dirty with lots of open-air garbage. The views of the ocean are great, but still, I would not recommend this activity unless you can rent good bikes rented in San Juan and have them delivered and picked up here. I agree with the other comment below that COPI should invest in new bikes.

Comment by Michael Ayliffe on 13 Jul 2021

thanks for the update!

Comment by Gwenn on 17 Jun 2018

6/16/2018 Went to bike the boardwalk today from Boca de Cangrejos bridge to the circle at end of Paseo Loiza/Paseo Pinones. Rented bikes @ COPI for $10 per bike, cruiser bikes were in good condition. (COPI's fence is painted red, yellow, & green) Boardwalk was in good condition too though some areas are very sandy due to storm surge. Arrows painted on boardwalk helped. There is trash along the route however the views are beautiful, the kioskos are open & bustling. Lots of both secluded & busy beaches along the way & some tide pools safe for kids from the strong currents. Stopped at kiosko boricua for lunch. Definitely a worthwhile adventure!

Comment by Sama Lama on 16 Jun 2018

We had the pleasure of following your GPS coordinate to different places on our recent trip to La Isla. Thank you so much.We went to Piñones and that was disappointing. While they have a lot of places to eat we were not interested. The place was full of trash every wher. You would think that even with all those businesses they would put something together so the place would be attractive to us tourist and locals. It was embarrassing to take people there. We did not feel safe even as we saw a police officer. We did not linger at this place. Furthermore, we visited the lovely visitors center but the girl was to occupied with her reading. Good for her. I am glad she was reading. Whether volunteer or not she should welcome and volunteer info to her guests. Her very soft and nonintrested short answers were not inviting.

Comment by Isabel Prescod on 06 Oct 2016

I did this yesterday - what a great time! Beautiful views. The only thing I would mention is that the bikes were not in good condition. Frankly, they're in poor to terrible condition. If these folks were able to put a small amount of money into the upkeep of the bikes it would dramatically improve the experience. These bikes have rusty chains that fall off, brakes that barely if at all work and some have flat tires or hardly any air in them at all. If you go in expecting a crap bike and don't mind it, this will be a great time. Despite the terrible condition of the bikes, i'd definitely recommend doing this for an afternoon.

Comment by Ben on 31 Oct 2010

Thank you Ray and Gwenn for information about biking in Piñones. I took my family for a bike ride and it was fantastic except for the bikes that we rented in COPI was in pretty bad condition. We drove from Fajardo to Piñones, and the drive was wonderful along the beach. We parked in COPI parking lot and there was a security lady to watch the cars. We rented one kids bike and two adult bikes one with the baby sit on it. There were all in bad condition. We did not have time to search for another bike rental place. I recommend to bring your own bikes or rent it from different places beside COPI. Becareful if it is raining because leaves on the boardwalk can get slippery when it's wet. On the way back we stopped at the kioskos for coco frio and some alcapuria. Overall the tour was great. Thank you!

Comment by Sayuj on 31 May 2010

Robert- I am sad to hear that they let their equipment get into disrepair in just a short time from when we visited them. If someone knows a place that rents bicycles in good working order (with the safe parking lot and clean usable bathrooms) in the Pinones area, let me know and I will add it to the article as an alternative. People can always just walk the board walk.

Comment by Gwenn on 30 Oct 2009

I rented a bike at COPI on 10/17/09. The bike trail in Pinones is spectacular with great views; however, I would strongly recommend you have your own bike or rent it from another place. Your description that the bikes are in really good condition (almost new) is grossly inaccurate. I was at COPI when it opened at 9 am and had my chose of all the bikes. All of the bikes had significant wear and the gear shift mechanism was broken on every bike. I can understand the natural wear on the bikes being so close to the sea salt; however, how does the hardware that shows you what gear you are in get broken on every bike? I had to get the bike in a middle gear and hope for the best during my ride. Another great resource in Puerto Rico (the Pinones bike trail) that is not going to be fully utilized because they don't have the desire or funds to provide an acceptable service to the public.

Comment by Robert on 18 Oct 2009

Was a fantastic day cicling in Piñones, my bycicle cost $4 per hour at 4:30p.m. in other place that I can't remember the name, so don't lost the hope if you want to take a ride after 4pm, We run around the beach (where the view was beautiful!) and run all the trail into the Piñones forest, I don't believe that I was in PR, the tour is very very good. Thanks again Gwenn for your article, I'm puertorican and I never came to Pinones before, my family and I enjoy a lot. Thanks!!!

Comment by Linda Irizarry on 18 Jul 2009

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