Top 10 Must-See and Must-Do Things

Post Maria- Most everything on this list except most of El Yunque and the Rio Camuy Caves have reopened for visits.

Playa Puerto Nuevo

We get asked lots of questions through this web site. One of the most frequently asked questions is "What are the must-do activities and must-see places for my visit to Puerto Rico?"

That’s a really difficult question to answer without knowing anything about the person asking the question. The answer is different for each person. Something that is a must do for me might be totally boring for you. And vice versa.

Case in point — Our teenage nephew came to visit recently. He couldn’t understand why we would make him hike to the peak of El Yunque, get up at 4am to go to the beach to look for sea turtle hatchlings, or why he needed to go on another zipline tour. The highlight of his trip was the pizza we had for dinner one night! Go figure!

I feel, pretty strongly, that there is not a one size fits all answer to the "What’s the best?" question. The answer is personal, depending on your likes, dislikes, desires, goals, budget, fears, and physical abilities.

Here is Gwenn & Ray’s Personal Top-10 List for Puerto Rico

This is our list of "musts", presented in no particular order.

  • Wander Around Old San Juan — either on your own (using some type of guidebook), or on a guided tour. Take your time. There’s no rush to "see it all".
  • Sample Some Local Foodlechon, mofongo, exotic tropical fruit, rum drinks, …
  • Experience a Bio Bay — preferably Mosquito Bay on Vieques, or Laguana Grande in Fajardo
  • Hike a Tropical Rain Forest — this usually means El Yunque National Forest, but there are others here, too.
  • Hit a Beach on the Main IslandBalneario Monserrate in Luquillo, because is has good facilities. Or Playa Puerto Nuevo, for a stunning beach not too far from the metro area.
  • Explore a Cave in the Karst RegionCueva Ventana is one of our favorite caves. Rio Camuy Caves Park is good for the less adventurous.
  • Hit a Beach on One of the Other PR IslandsBalneario Flamenco on Culebra is probably the one of the prettiest, But Playa Caracas on Vieques is a close second.
  • Snorkel at at Deserted Island — You can do this on a organized snorkeling excursion, or in a more DIY, self-sufficient fashion.
  • Show Your Mettle on an Adventure Tour — Take one of these adventure tours for something you wouldn’t do back at home — Ziplines, ATVs, Rappelling, Hang Gliding, Horseback Riding, and more.
  • Chillax. After all, you are on Vacation! — Open your mind to cultural differences and new experiences. Slow down. Relax. It will get done when it gets done. Leave your expectations at home. Just let it be.

We feel that, to really enjoy Puerto Rico to the fullest, you need rent a car. That way, you’ll be free to go out and explore the island, on your on schedule. Though having a GPS (or a smartphone with Google Maps access) is extremely helpful, it’s not required. Make sure that you at least have a good map with you. But, if you really don’t want to drive yourself around the island, there are plenty of tour companies that can take you to some of the places we mentioned above.

We are in the process of updating the maps we use on our web site. While we're working on that, you can click on the GPS coordinates below to view the location on Google Maps ... assumes no responsibility regarding your safety when participating in the activities described in this article. Please use common sense! If your mother or that little voice in your head tells you that you are about to do something stupid … then don't do it! Read more about Safety →

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I would get a wheelchair for them and then you will do better getting around places I think. Old San Juan is small but spread out, but the Forts have areas that are accessible,a Flamenco dance show on the weekends, boat tours around the San Juan Bay are available. Out on the island a bit... you can do the biobay (there is an electric boat or even accessible kayaks), the tours at Las Cabezas are usually good with limited walking, beaches of course (some even have water wheelchairs), you can drive into the rainforest, see the roadside waterfalls. Campo Rico has some adventure things that they should be able to do. Carabali in Luquillo has hayrides, or group ATV things for 4 people if they are adventurous. A snorkel boat tour to Icacos or Culebra. Maybe Stand Up paddleboard (or kayak) in Condado Lagoon and maybe see a manatee. A tour at Bacardi, museums (the art museum at Ponce or the Museum of the Americas in Old San Juan are favorites). Just search the website for things you all might like to do. I am not sure what special needs your family member may need, but there are really many things available.

Comment by Gwenn on 20 Jun 2019

Hi do you have any suggestions for a small group with a member with limited mobility. Will be staying at the SJ Marriott during August and would like to make the most of our opportunity without leaving our one, slightly handicapped family member behind! Thank you!

Comment by Billie Brooks on 19 Jun 2019

I would fid one in your price range in Isla Verde. My second choice would be Condado. Cab fare is about $15 each way..

Comment by Gwenn on 16 Aug 2017

Hi, I've been to Puerto Rico several times, but to visit family. Now most of my family is either too old or don't drive so if I visit Puerto Rico I will be left to my own devices. I don't drive, so I would like to stay at a hotel that is close to the beaches, with lots of restaurants close by, not to far from the airport, where can you suggest going, also what is the cab far for two going to and from the airport and the hotel. Thank you

Comment by CARMEN ORTIZ on 15 Aug 2017

Check this out- things to do in the western part of PR. Beaches- Buye and Playuela in Cabo Rojo are beauties. Treehouse in Aguadilla Trolley- I am not sure if other towns have a tour, but Ponce does.

Comment by Gwenn on 21 Jul 2017

Hi there, my family and i, which consist of my daughter 25 and my son 10 arevcoming into Puerto Rico the Mayaquez area the first week of august. we are staying at the mayaquez resort. i will be renting a car. so far i have put the zoo on our list.. id love at least two beaches, and i heard there is a wooden tree house some where, id love to see that for my son i also heard there is a trolley we could take around but im not sure where that is.. would you mind helping me with some ideas

Comment by rayann martinez on 20 Jul 2017

There is not much snorkeling in the SJ area. Some at Escambron beach or in the Lagoon, but it isn't too good. You might want to get a tour and do a snorkel boat tour out to Culebra (or Icacos). We enjoyed the ATV through the rainforest, though it is really in the foothils of the forest, not the actual forest. Taxi's can't go into the forest, so I assume if you want to check out El Yunque, it would be via a tour. It would be cheaper for you to rent a car for a day or two. Culture- go to Old San Juan....Friday nights there is lots of live music and dancing around in the plazas. Ubers can't pick up or drop off in taxi zones, so you will have to walk a bit to get to a pick up location. But they are usually cheaper than a taxi. Check out the new Hop on/Hop Off bus that goes around. It might be good- it is a tour and transport. Late 70's...Do a nice Flamenco dance show in OSJ, boat tour in San Juan Bay- there is a sail boat (Amazing Grace) or motor boat (Paseadora). There really isn't any "bad areas" that you will find easily. Just use common travel sense.

Comment by Gwenn on 06 Jul 2017

H Gwen, Going to stay at the Marriott on Condado beach. We are arriving Saturday staying for 7 days and want to venture out. What snorkeling tour do you recommend, is the ATV through the rain forrest cool? I have my parents coming with us they are late 70's anything you can recommend for them? Is it better to uber or take a taxi? We are family that wants to see the culture and everything the island has to offer. Is there areas we should stay away from? Thanks

Comment by Ray on 04 Jul 2017

Well, it depends what you like to see/do. Exploring OSJ is great- you can taxi there. To go out on the island, you are best off with a car. I think going west on the north coast- to see cuevo del Indio and Cueva Ventana are great. EL Yunque is cool- swim in a waterfall or hike to the top for views...or both! Check out some other beaches (like after EL Yunque, head to Luquillo for the kiosks and the balneario. Many people enjoy the snorkel boat trips- that you can get transport from the boat company and avoid any driving after the drinks onboard.

Comment by Gwenn on 20 Mar 2017

My wife and I will be staying in San Juan in early April for a short getaway (4days/3nights). We will definitely be spending some time relaxing at Condado Beach one of the days and then make our way around the mainland the rest of the time. Some of the 'Things To Do' seem to take some time to experience. What would you suggest we do with our short time there and do you think we should rent a car? Thanks!

Comment by Jason Kaczmarek on 20 Mar 2017

With boys, they probably will want to play at the beach and in the surf. Maybe pick up a boogie board, so they can body surf the waves. While visiting EL Yunque, let them play in the waterfalls (Juan Diego or La Mina). Or try Angelito Trail- there is a rope swing the older one (and maybe the younger with help) can swing into the water! From there, you can go to the beach in Luquillo. OSJ is HOT- use the tram if the kids get tired. But they usually like the forts. There are a few playgrounds there and if the fountains are going, they are allowed to play in them. Get them a Limber of shave ice. You would need to do the biobay by boat (min age 6 for kayak). That would need to be booked right away (as mid April is Easter week- big vacation time for locals). If the kids are good in the water, they might want to try snorkeling. The snorkel boat trips are fun. Make sure to get a boat with a slide!

Comment by Gwenn on 09 Mar 2017

Thanks so much for this article and the comments/responses are really helpful! I will be staying in Isla Verde for six nights in mid-April with my two boys (5 and 9). We are an adventurous and exploring crew though I am the only adult - any tips? We are planning on El Yunque, OSJ and a few beach days (should we stay with Isla Verde for the beach?). We would also like to check out a bio bay.

Comment by Sherl on 28 Feb 2017

it depends....what are your dates. Lately, the moon is rising later, so 2 days after the full moon might be ok for the 1st tour.

Comment by Gwenn on 26 Jan 2017

Is there any point in an evening trip to a biolumi beach during the week of the full moon?

Comment by Anne Thomsen on 26 Jan 2017

Kids of all ages are allowed in El Yunque- you hike at your own speed. I believe the Camuy Caves also allow children. Of course beaches are no problem with kids and exploring Old San Juan is good too. The biobay will be a problem, at least in the kayaks. But if you go on a boat, I think they allow 3 year olds.

Comment by Gwenn on 06 Aug 2016

Hello, We will be traveling to San Juan for the first time with our 3yo and 5yo. Can anyone suggest day trips/ excursions that will allow young kids? We really want to see the water falls at El Yunique, explore a cave, and see the Bio Bay. Can someone help let in letting me know if these can be child friendly? Thanks!

Comment by Celina Ashe on 18 Jul 2016

None that I know would have to book a private tour/driver/taxi. It will not be cheap. Rent a car. There are plenty of other beaches closer to San Juan. Vega Baja is a nice beach, but it is super when there are large waves (usually winter)!

Comment by Gwenn on 09 Jul 2016

Hello, I will be staying close to San Juan. Can you please let me know is there a day trip or how to arrange one to go to Vega Baja beach. I hear this is a must see or if you can recommend another beach. Thank you

Comment by Vicki on 28 Jun 2016

Yu have to stay overnight to do the Vieques biobay. With a child, you can either do an electric boat tour in Fajardo, or do the walking tour at Las Cabezas Nature reserve. I believe the Humacao /Palmas horse ranch does some beach riding. I am not sure they will let a 3 yo would have to call. Humacao beaches are not good. You can try Seven Seas, or Balneario Monserrate where there are life guards and protected coves.

Comment by Gwenn on 01 Mar 2016

Hi!My husband, 3yr old daughter and me are staying in Humaco in mid April for the 1st time. We are also renting a car. How can we enjoy Vieques bio trip if kayaking is not an option for us because of the little one.. Is the horseback riding tour in Humaco worth it or does the one near the beaches seem to be a more memorable one?. My daughter has experience riding horses and she can handle horseback riding for a lengthy period of time. What are your suggestions? Because of child we really want to enjoy PR"s beautiful beaches. Are than any ones we can visit in the area of Humaco or do we have to go to OLD San Juan? Thanks for our suggestions!

Comment by Maria Martinez on 28 Feb 2016

Well, where to go depends on what you want to do, like to do etc. Beach, hiking, caves, adventure or chilling, casino, shopping etc. It is so hard for me to recommend stuff for others because I don't like to rest on vacations as most people do. I always overfill an itinerary! Check out our blog, decide if you will rent a car or no, where you are staying etc,. Then you can do some searches and see what appeals to you. For my 50th, we got a group together and for the weekend rented a bunch of units on Culebra and we snorkeled and swam and beached all day and then watched the sunset and had dinner delivered to our villas. It is never cold in PR. It may be in the low-mid 70's at night, but days are still low-mid 80's. Summer wear, with a light sweater for nights.

Comment by Gwenn on 03 Dec 2015

going to Puerto rico for my 50th birthday January 2016 any palces you recommend for us go also what should I pack for the trip since am traveling from texas and is very cold here now thanks.

Comment by yolanda escobedo on 03 Dec 2015

Week days are always (excluding holidays) less busy than weekends. I always recommend flying to the is just easier and wastes less valuable vacation time. But if money is tight, you can try the ferry, lately I haven't heard too many problems, but that can change every minute! You need to spend the night on Vieques to see the bay. There is a water taxi now and again, but it is $$$ (cheaper to fly!).

Comment by Gwenn on 01 Dec 2015

Hi Gwenn, Thank you for the exhaustive information you shared with us. I do have some questions regarding my travel to Puerto Rico. I will be there for 5 days(excluding travel days) and would like to do snorkelling/scuba + bio bay + flamenco (or similar beach) for part of my trip. Do you suggest going for these places in weekend or weekday. Does even on weekday the 9AM ferry will be tough to get, or should i fly to Vieques from Ceiba? If i want to do bio tour in Vieques is there a way to come back to mainland same night or do i need to stay on that island ? Are there any private ferry water-taxis ?

Comment by Shobhit on 30 Nov 2015

Old San Juan and Condado both have shopping and clubs. But depending on what you are looking to buy and what type of fun you want, there are loads of places all over the island.

Comment by Gwenn on 09 Nov 2015

Me and my friends are going to Puerto Rico 24th-28th December will there be good places to shop and have fun?

Comment by Pat james on 09 Nov 2015

At the moment the large passenger ferry Cayo Blanco is working for Culebra. However, there is no telling what will happen tomorrow, let alone in a few months. You can try for it and maybe you will get lucky and all will go well. If it doesn't work out, have a back up plan on what to do that day. That is a busy week normally, so even if it works, it may be full. Good luck.

Comment by Gwenn on 24 Oct 2015

Yes, things are limited during that time and things do book up early (locals and tourists have vacation). I would book at least with 1 month in advance (unless you want to do the biobay in Fajardo via electric boat- then you may want to see if they have space ASAP. But be aware, the bay in Fajardo is currently having difficulties (not glowing well). This may or may not be "fixed" by December...only Mother Nature knows!

Comment by Gwenn on 24 Oct 2015

Hello - we are a family of 6 traveling to Puerto Rico between Christmas and New Years. Last summer, you stated that the big ferry is broken - the ferry to Culebra. Has the big ferry been fixed? Do you think the 6 of us would be able to get tickets to the 9am ferry to Culebra? Thanks!

Comment by Karl on 21 Oct 2015

We are a family of 6 traveling to Puerto Rico and staying in Luquillo between December 26th and January 2nd. We would like to see the BioBay at night, and also tour Old San Juan, take a ferry to a neighboring island, hike the rainforest, etc. Do tours/ferries book up early during this week (between Christmas and New Years)? Should we be booking tours/events now?

Comment by Karl on 20 Oct 2015

I don't know of any on Sundays. Saturdays or even Friday nights, but not Sundays.

Comment by Gwenn on 17 Oct 2015

Do you have any bomba dance events in Loiza on Nov.8?

Comment by Kim on 17 Oct 2015

I would suggest you look at Isla Verde or Condado for a hotel in your price range. These are the places you will find much of what you are looking for all close together and with public transportation. For specifics...we are old fuddy-duddies, clubs and nightlife not our thing! Try TripAdvisor for specifics

Comment by Gwenn on 15 Sep 2015

Hey me and my boyfriend are trying to plan a trip to puerto rico. Can u give any ideas for night life fun, clubs, nice restaurants, beach fun, and hotels maybe. Also do u suggest a rental car? Were new couples, not trying to be super romantic its a birthday trip for myself staying about 4days.

Comment by ashley porter on 14 Sep 2015 will need to rent cars because Miramar is not a tourist area. You could probably get taxis (or maybe a bus) to go to Old San Juan. That can be an all day trip. But with a car you can go to the rain forest and beaches in the NE. With a car you can really do almost anything within a 1- 1.5 hr radius and have plenty of time to enjoy it.

Comment by Gwenn on 10 Sep 2015

I am arriving at SJ on 12 of September with 7 adult family memebers. We have cruise next day 10 PM so we have alost two days . We are staying Marriot Miramar area. Please advise what we have to see in that limited time.Thanks

Comment by alisha on 09 Sep 2015

Probably, with only 3 days, yes- stay in SJ. It will be easy to get around, you can walk to restaurants, beach and bars from SJ and take a taxi to OSJ. Then just rent a car for the day you want to explore the caves. I strongly recommend Cueva del Indio while you are near Ventana. It is on the coast and just beautiful! Of course, I love El Yunque, but you might not have time to visit the east coast. But if you have a car, you can walk in EL Yunque and then hit a beach in Luquillo and maybe do the biobay that evening. Or many people like to do the snorkel trips from Fajardo (the tour companies offer transportation). Have fun!

Comment by Gwenn on 18 Aug 2015

I love how informative your site is...Being my first time heading to PR I would like to ask you what are great places to visit and explore?i shall be going Oct 9-12 I know for certain I would love to visit Old San Juan, Cueva Ventana, what else would you recommend? would it also be best to get a hotel by San Juan and rent a car for those days just to have places and locations relatively close...Once again thank you for your help..

Comment by Jason on 18 Aug 2015

PR is not an all-inclusive destination. I think one hotel in Guanica has that option. PR is all about going out and exploring. A week of car rental can be as low as $150.

Comment by Gwenn on 15 Aug 2015

Would you suggest an all inclusive resort or hotels? how much would car rental set you back? Thanks

Comment by Ray on 14 Aug 2015

That is a hard question. So many options and many reasons why or why not on any place. It is a personal preference, but I would check out Rincon , Rio Grande, Luquillo, Palmas Del Mar and Dorado. And of course, San Juan- Isla Verde or Condado.

Comment by Gwenn on 02 Aug 2015

We're thinking of retiring in puerto rico. We have sufficient income. Where would you consider the best placees to live ?

Comment by rick on 01 Aug 2015

I think renting a car is the best way to see PR. It lets you go/do as much or as little as you want. Staying in Fajardo for 7 days is ok, but it will make some of the trips a long day, but some of the trips very short. You could do some days closer to San Juan for the stuff that is out west. With a 3 yo, I think you can visit most of the caves. Just make sure to hold his hand. You will only be able to take him on the biobay walking tour at Las Cabezas, or maybe in an electric boat trip.

Comment by Gwenn on 30 Jul 2015

My family and I are planning to go to Puerto Rico in Sept. Is is possible to stay in one hotel the entire week (maybe one near Fajardo) and make day trips to many of the "must-see" places you mention such as the Bio Bay and the rainforest (with a car rental, of course)? Or is it better to plan ahead and stay in different places? We are also traveling with a 3 year old, and would like to do as much outdoorsy stuff as possible with him. We would love to explore a cave, but are afraid we may be limited if they do not allow young kids. Is it best to plan some of these tours/ trips through a tour group/ or just show up and do it yourself, in order to get the most out of it? We would be there for about 7 days total, so we want to make sure we can plan ahead well to make the most out of our time there. Your advice would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance. Great website!

Comment by Vraj on 30 Jul 2015

There are no real "amusement parks" in PR, but there are some small parks for the smaller kids. Natural fun is what we lines, surfing, hiking, horseback riding, Atv etc. Campo Rico is not far from San Juan and offers all these things. They would probably all enjoy a snorkel boat trip out of Fajardo (get a boat with a slide), maybe hiking in El Yunque to swim in a waterfall, and/or do a night time biobay tour. Old San Juan could be fun for all- exploring forts for the little ones and shopping for the older ones.

Comment by Gwenn on 24 Jul 2015

I will be traveling there with 2 other families, 12 people in total. The children are 16,15,10,8,7, and 5 and I was wondering where we could take them in San Juan to have fun. Are there any amusement parks around or in San Juan for the kids to play at? Are there any places in Puerto Rico that have fun places for kids that are not too far away? I am staying at the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel. We will be traveling for 5 days from July 31 to August 4. Any suggestions will help. Thank you in advance.

Comment by Van Phan on 22 Jul 2015

Hotels in PR do not have shuttles, so you would need to take a taxi to the hotel. You can check out hotels in Isla Verde (if you want a beach) or Old San Juan if you want to walk around OSJ a lot. Isla Verde has lots of places to choose from, including vacation rentals (so you have kitchens etc). If you want ocean front but not going swimming, Condado also is an option. Unless you plan on going outside the San Juan area (like to the rain forest or something), don't bother with a car rental, just use taxis.

Comment by Gwenn on 13 Jul 2015

Gwen your site looks great, would like a few suggestions.In January of 2016 we will be cruising out and back into San Juan. when get back we will be spending the night and flying out at 2pm. there are 7 of us(myself and wife, another couple, we are 50y/o, their daughter and son-in-law, 30y/o, and their daughter 3y/o.) we need to find a hotel, that would be convenient to cruise line port and airport. We would like to make the most of our time there and see and soak in some things we werent able to experience while on the cruise. I think OSJ is a must, any other sugestions, we will have all our luggage from cruise , so we will probably have to hit the hotel first. Should we try to rent a car, or do most of the hotels have shuttles. Thanks in advance

Comment by STEVE BOWMAN on 06 Jul 2015

If you are adventurous, definitely do a tour that will thrill you- ziplines or canyoning, or similar exciting things. Makes a lasting memory! I like to visit the caves and beaches in the north coast- Cueva del Indio and Mar Chiquita or Playa Puerto Nuevo are probably my favorites. But check the website- a few hundred ideas!

Comment by Gwenn on 07 Jun 2015

I will be going with my boyfriend to Puerto Rico in 2 weeks. We are staying for 7 days/6 nights. We are looking to be adventurous/relax/eat good food. We are staying in San Juan and will be renting a car. I was thinking of doing the bio-bay tour in Fajardo, a trip to El Yunque, trip to Flamenco Beach, a day in Old San Juan. My boyfriend likes to surf and wants to maybe do a trip out to Rincon for a night if the surf looks good. Any advice or other must-do or see recommendations? Thanks!

Comment by Andrea on 04 Jun 2015

It depends on what ferry you are looking to get on. If it is the 9am ferry to Culebra, I highly doubt you all (or any) of you will get on. The big ferry is broken, and will be out of service for 3 months. If it is a later ferry, it is more possible for you all to get on. For Vieques, it may be possible to get the 9am ferry, but not guaranteed. If the excursion companies are offering a ticket on the 9am, go with it.

Comment by Gwenn on 03 Jun 2015

Any thoughts on the use of the ferry? Is it reliable for tourist? We are a group of 4 couples, so I would not want to get all the way to the ferry terminal and not be able to board? Are some of the excursions worth it or would a DIY trip work as well?

Comment by Tyler on 03 Jun 2015

PR is loaded with things to do. 5n/6d is not long at all. We have lived here 12 years and still find new and interesting things to do. The list of Top 10 things will be more than enough to fill your days. But check the website....right along the top there will be loads of posts depending on what type of vacation you want, where you want to visit and/or what you want to do while here.

Comment by Gwenn on 27 May 2015

OMG. cant wait ti visit PR this summer! staying 5 night six days. but was wondering is that too long to stay . the island is not that small but there is only you can do. some suggestions please as far the must do. please advise.

Comment by minnie on 27 May 2015

Sure, I would recommend you stay in the Isla Verde area. That way you are on a beach, have easy access to Old San Juan and plenty of restaurants and stores.You can always take excursion tours to other places (or rent a car).

Comment by Gwenn on 08 Apr 2015

Hi guys, I will be doing a trip to the US in November/December and I have a few days free before I go to NYC. Would Puerto Rico be a good/easy destination (for max 2 nights)?

Comment by John on 08 Apr 2015

Hopefully someone can answer. We have some places in this article: , but things change quickly.

Comment by Gwenn on 16 Mar 2015

Great website with lots of helpful information!! Does anyone know any great salsa places around the Isla Verde or Condado area with live bands? Thanks!!

Comment by Brittany on 15 Mar 2015

I would stay in Isla Verde or Condado for ease of walking to beach and bars. Lots of big name hotel/resorts that get good reviews. August is in hurricane season, but other than being hot/humid, it is a good time to visit. Just get travel insurance in case of a storm.

Comment by Gwenn on 21 Feb 2015

Hi.. I plan to visit San Juan, Puerto Rico August 7-10 with a few friends, and I am trying to determine a great area to stay in where we can enjoy the beach, daily activities, and some fun nightlife. We're a group of young women, and it's our first time visiting. Do you have any suggestions on areas and/or great hotels? Also, is August a bad season to visit due to weather and hurricanes?

Comment by Shoni on 20 Feb 2015

The beach of course, and pool! You can use a stroller around Old San Juan. There is a little kid "waterpark" at the Carolina Balneario. Do a bike ride (with baby seat) at Pinones boardwalk, or just walk with stroller. if it is rainy, go to the Children's Museum in Carolina or the one on Old San Juan. Do a drive to Guavate for lunch and then to Caguas for a walk/tour around the gardens. Just some ideas...

Comment by Gwenn on 01 Feb 2015

I will be on a short trip to San Juan in Feb (19-22) & we have a 8 month old. We will be living near Condado Plaza, what activity or places would u recomend we should go for in that short time.

Comment by Dave on 30 Jan 2015

Clear blue water is everywhere here. With such little ones, you will want a calm water beach. So check out Escambron just at beginning of Old SJ, and the little beach by the Condado Plaza just after Dos Hermanos Bridge. Or going the other way, Punta Salinas in Toa Baja, or further on Cerro Gordo in Vega Alta.

Comment by Gwenn on 14 Jan 2015

Hi. Up late and trying to figure out what is best to do for a family with 2 little kids. 1 year old and a 3 year old. We are staying in the new Hyatt in Bayamon to be close to family but want to travel around. Will have a rent a car. Which beach would you recommend. Deff want to see clear blue water and willing to take a bit of a ride. Will do Old San Juan but where else would you recommend? Thanks for your time.

Comment by michelle on 13 Jan 2015

Two weeks is not too long. But I would recommend staying in a few places. San Juan is ok for a bit, but then I would suggest you go and stay on one of the out islands (Vieques or Culebra) for a few days at least, and then Rincon area. That would decrease some of your driving and let you enjoy the different areas. Driving is a bit aggressive, but not dangerous really. Just drive defensively and accept that some people drive like idiots and you will be fine. Driving near the city is the worst, and you want to avoid rush hours to avoid the traffic.

Comment by Gwenn on 07 Jan 2015

Hola! I stumbled upon your website and quite frankly, I'm relieved! There is so much helpful information! I have a couple of questions. Is 2 weeks too long of a stay for Puerto Rico? We are planning a July trip. Also, would you recommend that we (my husband and I) use San Juan as our city for lodging and then do day trips or would you recommend staying in other towns? Another question I have is regarding the transportation. I've read a lot of things that denounce the driving in PR. Is it really as dangerous as it's been made out to be? Thanks!!

Comment by Monica on 07 Jan 2015

Well, it depends on what you like to do and if you want to rent a car. The hotel will have tours available if you don;t want to drive. Read through our site and find some thing that interest you. If the hotel does not offer tours, then consider renting a car. But honestly, there is nothing really within walking distance from the St Regis, so to go anywhere else, you need to get transportation of some kind. i suggest a visit to Old San Juan, a snorkel trip, maybe a visit to some caves (my favorites are Cueva Ventana and Cueva del Indio), a trip to El Yunque, a day trip to Culebra Flamenco beach, a bio bay visit. El Yunque and the biobay can be done the same day.

Comment by Gwenn on 05 Jan 2015

husband has surprised me with a first class trip to St. Regis Bahia Resort. While i love his spontaneity, I fear his hard wired highly educated Cal Poly engineered mind, will want to stay safely within the confines of the resort. Aside from the half day helicopter ride, (I found) we have no plans and 8 full days to fill. I would love to be immersed in the culture and get a true feel for its beauty, and people... not its safe hoity toity shopping and meals. We leave LAX on the 8Th of January 2015 ..... personal tour guide? rent a car and just drive? private driver so we can enjoy dinner & cocktails while still arriving safely? (and to be fair i almost killed him 12 yeas ago in a rental on the island of St. John) (but THEY were on the wrong side of the road!!) Maniacs!! open to anything... your site came highly recommended, thanks in advance for even reading this! Cher

Comment by cher on 02 Jan 2015

I might have missed your trip. But Levittown is NOT near much. Definitely not where I would stay for a vacation trip, especially not without a car rental. Taxi rates would be metered and would be needed to do anything/go anywhere.

Comment by Gwenn on 06 Dec 2014

Well, you need a car rental to save money on adventures/exploration. Old San Juan is a great deal, full of museums and sight seeing that is free or cheap and bars/restaurants. Of course the beaches are free. You can rent bikes for about $5/hr and enjoy Pinones. Also kayaking there, or just walking the boardwalk. I love Cueva Ventana and Cueva del Indio in Arecibo, but not expensive and worth the drive. Hiking in El Yunque is great and free. The ferry to the out islands of Culebra and Vieques is just a couple bucks each way. Great day trip...bring snorkel gear and enjoy! So much stuff

Comment by Gwenn on 06 Dec 2014

Hi! My friends and I are going to San Juan in the beginning of January 2015. We are college students so we do not have a large budget, but we definitely would like to make the most of this adventure. Can you recommend any free things to do, any must see place, or must do activities? Thank you!

Comment by Jessica on 02 Dec 2014

My wife and I are going to spending a few days in Levittown, Puerto Rico before our cruise at the end of the month. I have a few questions... 1. Any ideas to get from airport to hotel in Levittown? Taxi? How much? 2. Any ideas about getting to the Port for our cruise from Levittown? Some have said there is a Ferry ride? 3. Any reasonable cheap things to do for 2 days before we get on cruise? Thanks for any suggestions

Comment by James on 17 Nov 2014

The weather is usually great (maybe a little rain), but usually sunny and warm (low 80's). Christmas time you need to go to OSJ at night to see the lights. Also, you can go to the hotels (like Wyndham in Rio Grande) where they have their Christmas decorations up. Many of the towns also have lights and sometimes music events....Luquillo is usually pretty active on weekend evenings for music. Over Christmas, you will need to check for restaurant and tourist attraction closings (same as in the States). Most things will close early Christmas Eve and be closed on Christmas day. El Yunque will be open, but there may not be any "rangers" there to help. I usually suggest people do a tour that day- we have enjoyed the snorkel boat tours on Christmases past. Check back on our calendar or Facebook pages for events (sometimes they are only posted a few days ahead of time).

Comment by Gwenn on 26 Sep 2014

Hello! Great information! My family, includes 12 year old and 6 year old boys, will be traveling to Puerto Rico and staying in the Luquillo over the Christmas holidays this year. What would you recommend we do? What is the weather typically like in December? Thank you!

Comment by Rachel on 24 Sep 2014

The forts will be open, so there will be some rangers/guides there. The trolley will be running.And there will be taxis also available. I don't know what else yet. We won't know about any parties/events happening until much closer.

Comment by Gwenn on 13 Sep 2014

Hello My wife Barbara 2 more coples and myself will be arriving in Old San Juan on January 5 and leaving port he following afternoon. I know it will be during the Feast of the Three Kings, our Little Christmas and was wondering if you could suggest some things that will be open for us to see and do. This will be our third trip to Old San Juan but the people we are traveling with have some mobility issues. We love walking around the Old City and up to the fort's but we just don't know if there will be guides to help our friends. Will there be parties in the main square by the tourism building? We are at a loss as to what is available. The ship even has a limited shore excursions list. We love PR and want to get the most of our time on your island. Sincerely George Jeffers

Comment by George Jeffers on 13 Sep 2014

No. But I believe some sailboats offer sunset cruises with hors d'oeuvers. If you really want dinner and don't mind the price, I am bet if you contact one of the 6 person sailboats (in San Juan Bay or off of Fajardo) they might be able to work with you.

Comment by Gwenn on 03 Sep 2014

Is there a dinner cruise to take?

Comment by JoAnn Garcia on 02 Sep 2014

Well, since it is a summer weekend, El Yunque and beaches will be busier on Sat and Sun. So I would recommend you do those things on week days and save OSJ and Bacardi for weekends. If you have a car, go on your own. If not, you can set them up with the hotel. Most people really enjoy the catamaran snorkel boat trips. And the moon is great during your timing for visiting the bio bay. I also really love Cueva Ventana and Cueva del Indio (but you need a car for these). Have fun!

Comment by Gwenn on 24 Jul 2014

Hello, Three of my friends and I will be traveling to Puerto Rico-Isla Verde August 14th until the 19th. I wanted to have some advice on when to visit certain things and on which specific days. We want to visit Old San Juan, take a tour of The Bacardi facilities and go to El Yunque. Is it better to set up tours through our hotel or go to the destinations directly? Are there any other places you would recommend visiting? Thank you so much!!

Comment by KellyM on 21 Jul 2014

Yes, everything should be open and available.

Comment by Gwenn on 28 Jun 2014

Great info, thanks. My family and I, ages 9 through 70, plan a week's trip in early September 2014. We will stay in San Juan. Will most of these activities be available around that time ?

Comment by J. M. Roig on 27 Jun 2014

Salitre is on the beachfront in Arecibo, it is nice and close to home. But going to OSJ or San Juan is where you will find the "fine dining", or at the resorts.

Comment by Gwenn on 21 Jun 2014

Sorry- I missed your trips/question. Hope you found some great things to do.

Comment by Gwenn on 21 Jun 2014

Hello, I will be San Juan next week June 16-20 celebrating my birthday I need some Ideas for my trip I want to have fun and do something exciting. Help!!

Comment by Sharmaine on 13 Jun 2014

Hi! Love the site, very good information. I am wondering if you can recommend a nice restaurant. We will be staying in Arecibo but will have a car rental and expect to drive around a lot. Its our anniversary and would like a nice place (fine dining or the like). Maybe even somewhere with a view? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Comment by Kristie on 12 Jun 2014

Hi Gwen - Great site, as others have stated, it has saved me a ton of time researching what to do. We will do many of the things you have recommended using our hotel in Old San Juan as our base camp. We are there for 6 days starting 6/15 and looking forward to the trip and celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary! The info on your site made it so easy to plan. I am an avid hiker and run a hiking website with my friend Tony. Our goals are similar to yours, make it easy for our site users to get out and not spend a lot of time planning, we give them most of the info they need. All the best. - Bryce (

Comment by Bryce on 06 Jun 2014

Yup- in fact you can do most of them in 4-5 days. Old San Juan has lots of restaurants, you can do a hike in El Yunque, then go to Balneario Monserrate, then do the biobay at night. The Caves and a beach would be one day. A day on an out-island is another. Lots of adventure tours- ranging from just about 1 hr to all day. Need to pick and choose those!

Comment by Gwenn on 09 May 2014

This is a great 'to do list' for Puerto Rico. How long do you think it would take to do all those with limited time? Could you do/see the best bits in 4 days?

Comment by Beth Evans on 08 May 2014

Eva- you would need to contact the PR Tourism Company and they can send you all sorts of brochures. You can call them at 1-800-866-7827 But I think our webpage has so much more information than anything else.

Comment by Gwenn on 23 Apr 2014

I would like to get a travel brochure from Puerto Rico. i have few friends traveling to the island around July. Thanks Eva

Comment by Eva Crespo on 22 Apr 2014

This is a truly professional site-- well-researched and detailed information; thoughtful commentary; and obvious expertise. Thank you so much! You saved me endless hours of research for my upcoming trip!

Comment by Dorothy on 09 Jan 2014

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