Things To Do On a Rainy Day

Rainy days on vacation can be a bummer. Puerto Rico is usually blessed with pretty great weather all year, so most activities are open air, which makes it not so easy to find indoor things to do. But don’t fret, all is not lost. Here are a few activities that you can do to make you forget the rain/bad weather. Of course, this list can also be used for those days when you don’t want too much sun!

Puerto Rico is not a huge island, so usually the posted weather forecast is for most of the island. If it says it is going to rain, then it is probably going to rain somewhere on the island at some point that day. But it is most likely not going to rain over the entire island, and it usually isn’t a whole day event. We are in the tropics and, therefore, we get a lot of passing showers. But we do occasionally get bigger weather events that may stick you with a grey, wet day — or even days. It is the weather, after all … so one never knows exactly what you will get!

On a safety note — if there are heavy rains, stay out of rivers and watch for road flooding. Additionally, stormy weather may bring unsafe beach conditions (even on sunny days). It is best to check the National Weather Service for San Juan for beach safety info and weather maps, and for current and future weather forecasts.

Rainy Day Ideas


Sometimes, a rainy day on vacation is exactly what you need to make you relax.

  • Grab a book or download some great movies and just binge
  • Go to the nearest spa and pamper yourself
  • Find a yoga or Pilates class and work on your inner peace
  • Get a chair under a covered porch, get a drink, and just take time to listen to the rain
  • We sometimes will get a take-out lunch, park at a beach and have a picnic in the car, just enjoying watching the waves the storms usually bring. Pozo Obispo in Arecibo is amazing, as is Playa Puerto Nuevo in Vega Baja. We also enjoy La Pared in Luquillo, and some of the Rincon beaches.

Rainy Day Ideas

Get Moving

If you are not one to sit still and chill, get a rain coat or umbrella and go out into it!

  • Consider booking a water-sport tour. They won’t go out if it is unsafe, so if they say it is a go … then GO! You are going to get wet anyway! Just bring warm stuff to change into afterward.
  • Go where it is not raining. Take a look at a weather map to find an area where it isn’t raining and head there! It will most likely be less rainy in the south-west part of the island — Cabo Rojo is one of our favorite areas.
  • Go out and explore on your own. Perhaps drive to different towns and check out the murals and urban art, or go see some of the different beaches, or main plazas of each town.
  • Go to Old San Juan — There are many stores, bars, restaurants, and museums that you can duck into if it starts to rain. And it is much cooler on rainy days, and less crowded! The forts have many indoor areas to explore.

Rainy Day Ideas

Eat, Drink and Make Merry

Rainy Day Ideas

Let Your Inner Child (or Your Actual Child!) Out to Play

  • Children’s Museum in Carolina — A fun, interactive experience
  • Distrito T-Mobile — movies, arcade, Toro Verde Urban Park ziplines, rock climbing wall
  • Dave and Buster’s Plaza del Sol in Bayamón
  • Dave and Buster’s is also open in Plaza Las Amerias Mall (3rd floor).
  • Bowling
  • Movies — Caribbean Cinemas
  • Sector Sixty6 at the Outlet 66 Mall in Canovanas — movies, bowling, arcade, go karts, drag racing
  • Laser Tag (or other fun) at The Zone in San Patricio Plaza in Guaynabo
  • Escape Rooms — Escape Room PR

Rainy Day Ideas

Take in a Museum

Visit one of the many museums on the island. Some of our favorites are

  • Museo de las Americas in Old San Juan
  • Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico in Santurce
  • Serralles Castle in Ponce

Rainy Day Ideas

Learn Something New

Take a class! Check Viator or Airbnb experiences. Some ideas include

Rainy Day Ideas

Shop ’til you drop

Try Your Luck

Visit one of the many casinos on the island to see if you are lucky or not.

Catch a Show

There might be a concert, theater show, or other event that interests you. You can check the calendars of the San Juan Convention Center, Ticket Center PR, or Ticketera to see upcoming events and shows.

Rainy Day Ideas assumes no responsibility regarding your safety when participating in the activities described in this article. Please use common sense! If your mother or that little voice in your head tells you that you are about to do something stupid … then don't do it! Read more about Safety →

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